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  1. Yao Chen (Chinese: 姚晨; pinyin: Yáo chén, born 5 October 1979) is a Chinese actress and philanthropist. In 2014, Time named Yao as one of the most influential people on their Time 100 list. As of 2014, she is listed as the 83rd most powerful woman in the world by Forbes.

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    Yao Chen (Chinese: 姚晨; pinyin: Yáo chén, born 5 October 1979) is a Chinese actress and philanthropist. In 2014, Time named Yao as one of the most influential people on their Time 100 list. As of 2014, she is listed as the 83rd most powerful woman in the world by Forbes.

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    China's Angelina Jolie, Yao Chen is an activist actress with a platform. Yao has used her stunning social media following - 77.9 million Weibo followers and counting - to campaign against unspoken...

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    Yao Chen (Chinese: 姚晨) (born 5 October 1979) is an award-winning Chinese actress and the person on Sina Weibo with the largest number of "fans" (analogous to "followers" on Twitter), with over 52 million as of September 2013.

    • October 5, 1979
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    Xiao Yan's teacher and also Xiao Xiao's teacher. His strength is Heavenly Sovereign. He would come to Ancient Buddha Clan together with Xiao Xiao later on, and subsequently help Mu Chen to free Qing Yanjing. He was a renowned alchemist in the lower plane the Flame Emperor came from, and helped him a lot to achieve strength in both alchemy and his cultivation (more details in BTTH). He ...

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    Yao studied at Beijing Dancing Academy From 1993 to 1997, graduated from Beijing film academy in 2003. She played the lead in the play "An Lian Tao Hua Yuan" as Miss Yun during the period of school and was hired by Xi'an Film Studios.

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    Light Novel

    In the light novel, he is described as an old man and has a beard.


    Yao Lao has long white hair and wide red eyes. His skin is very pale and he has a tall, lean figure.

    He tends to make fun of Xiao Yan however he is quite fond of Xiao Yan and will protect him even if he is in spirit form. He has a tendency to scare Xiao Yan a lot. He has quite a playful personality in the manhua. His light novel counterpart has a different personality even though they both wish the best for their disciple the light novel counter part is more mature and more serious.

    He was abandoned by the Yao clan because he has very thin amount of Dou Di blood within him. He founded Falling Star Pavilion along with Feng Xianbefore going out to adventure. In the past, Yao Lao traveled the world with his friends who were all Venerates ( Dou Zun). He was a renowned alchemist that can easily rally people to assist him. He won first place in a competition held by Pill Tower. He would have been accepted to the inner circle of Pill Tower but declined. An elder of Pill Tower holds romantic feelings towards him. He spent 8 years waiting for the Bone Chilling Flame. Yao Lao was murdered by his first disciple Han Feng, who was assisted by the Spirit Hall, who wanted to obtain Yao Lao's soul. It was at this point he managed to escape into the storage ring that was given to Xiao Yan. Back then, not long after his physical body was destroyed, he was surrounded and attacked by them. Although he did finally successfully kill his way out, he was also seriously wounded because...

    He was a reason why Xiao Yan's cultivation drastically decreased during the three years. When Xiao Yan met him, he quickly helped Xiao Yan return his previous cultivation with even faster speed than before. Yao Lao taught Xiao Yan many Dou Techniques, alchemy and saved him many times by lending Xiao Yan his spiritual strength when Xiao Yan was too weak to maintain own life. When Hall of Souls captured his spiritual body, chief of Hall of Souls wanted for Yao Lao to join them as he fancied Yao Lao's alchemist skills and that was the only reason why Yao Lao's spritual body was preserved. Xiao yan with the help of Feng Zun Zhe, and his other comrades rescues Yao Lao from hall of souls, but in-turn Xiao Yan receives a fatal injury which gives Xiao Yan a chance to advance to dou zun. Yao Lao returns with Xiao zen and becomes the chief of Falling Star pavillion. For the ingredient needed to forge Yao Lao's body, Xiao Yan goes to a tomb of a dou sheng. He brings back the ingredient and a d...

    He felt the presence of an Essence Flame within Jia Nan Academyin the past but he could not confirm the location.
    It has been hinted that Yao Lao knows who Lu Manis.
    He does not have any wife and children.
    He dotes on Xiao Xiao a lot and wants to train her as an alchemist.
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    Yao Chen, PhD. Assistant Professor of Neuroscience. Washington University School of Medicine Campus Box 8108 McDonnell Medical Sciences, 977 St. Louis, MO 63110 (314) 273.7739 Links. Chen Lab

  9. Dr. Chen's current research interests include efficiency and productivity issues in the operation of information systems, information technologyÍs impact on operations performance, and methodology development of Data Envelopment Analysis. Her work has appeared in such journals as the European ...

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    Yao Chen (姚琛), born on March 23, 1998, in Chongqing, is a Chinese singer and member of R1SE. In 2019, he participated in the “Produce Camp 2019”, and finally joined the R1SE with 5th place in the finals. On June 8, he released the debut song “R.1.S.E” with R1SE.

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    Chen Yao was born in Panzhihua, Sichuan, China. Chen graduated from the Beijing Film Academy in 2017. Career. Chen made her acting debut in the youth sports drama Go! Goal! Fighting!, which premiered in 2016. In 2015, Chen rose to fame for her role as Yue Qiluo, the main antagonist in the hit fantasy web series Wu Xin: The Monster Killer.

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