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    Yaropolk III Yaroslavich (after 1174 - after 1212 / before 1223) was a Rus' prince (a member of the Rurik dynasty). He was prince of Novgorod (1197).

  2. Yaropolk Izyaslavich - Wikipedia

    Yaropolk Izyaslavich (died 1087) was a Knyaz (prince) during the eleventh-century in the Kievan Rus' kingdom and was the King of Rus (1076–1078).

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    Yaropolk III Yaroslavich (after 1174 - after 1212 / before 1223) was a Rus' prince (a member of the Rurik dynasty). He was prince of Novgorod (1197).

  4. Svyatoslav (Nikolay) Yaroslavich (1027—1076) The third son of Yaroslav the Wise and Ingegerda of Sweden. In 1054-1073 he was a member of the “triumvirate of the Yaroslavichi”.

  5. Yaropolk is the name of the following historical persons of Kievan Rus'. Yaropolk I of Kiev (Yaropolk Svyatoslavich) (about 950–980) Yaropolk Izyaslavich (about 1050–about 1100) Yaropolk II of Kiev (Yaropolk Vladimirovich), (1082–1139) Yaropolk, son of Vladimir of Novgorod

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    Svyatopolk was the son of Izyaslav Yaroslavich by his concubine. Svyatopolk's Christian name was Michael. During his brother Yaropolk's life, Svyatopolk was not regarded as a potential claimant to the Kievan throne. In 1069 he was sent to Polotsk, a city briefly taken by his father from the local ruler Vseslav, and then he spent ten years (1078–88) ruling Novgorod. Upon his brother's death he succeeded him in Turov, which would remain in possession of his descendantsuntil the 17th century.

    When Vsevolod Iaroslavich died in 1093, Svyatopolk was acknowledged by other princes as the senior son of the Veliki Knyaz and permitted to ascend the Kievan throne. Although he participated in the princely congresses organized by Vladimir Monomakh, he is sometimes charged with encouraging internecine wars among Rurikid princes. For instance, he sided with his cousin David Igorevich of Volhynia and his son-in-law Bolesław III Wrymouth in capturing and blinding one of the Galician princes. He also sided with Vladimir Monomakh in several campaigns against the Kypchaks but was defeated in the Battle of the Stugna River (1093) (1093). Later that year, Sviatopolk would face the Kypchaks again, and again be defeated. Whereupon the Kypchaks destroyed Torchesk, an Oghuz Turk settlement.In 1096, in an attempt to force Oleg I of Chernigov into a Rus compact, Svyatopolk left his lands undefended. His father-in-law, Tugorkhan raided Pereyaslavl, while Bonyak raided as far as Kiev, destroying Be...

    Svyatopolk first married a Bohemian princess of the (Přemyslid dynasty), probably a daughter of Duke Spytihněv II. They had four children: 1. Anna 2. Zbyslava, married to king Boleslaw III of Polandon November 15, 1102. 3. Predslava, married to Prince Álmosof Hungary on August 21, 1104. Her fate is less known. 4. Yaroslav (died 1123), Prince of Volhynia and Turov was married three times - to Hungarian, Polish Sophia (daughter of Władysław I Herman and his second wife Judith of Swabia), and Kievan princesses. Due to Yaroslav's early death, his descendants forfeited any right to the Kievan throne and had to content themselves with Turov and Pinsk. Secondly, in 1094 Svyatopolk married a daughter of Tugorkhan of the Kypchaks, Olena.They had four children: 1. Mariya, married Piotr Włostowic (c1080-1153), castellan of Wroclawand Polish palatine. 2. Bryachislav (1104–1127), possibly dethroned Yaroslav as Prince of Turov and Pinsk(1118–1123) in 1118. 3. Izyaslav (died 1127), possibly the Pr...

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  7. Grand Prince of Kiev Iziaslav Dmitri Yaroslavich Rurikids ...

    5. Yeliziveta Yaroslavna (d. 1066), wife of King Harald III "Hardråde" of Norway. 6. Svyatoslav Yaroslavich (b. 1027, d. 1076), Prince of Chernigov after 1054, successor to Izyaslav as Grand Prince of Kiev (1073-1076) 7. Vsevolod Yaroslavich (b. 1030, d. 1093), Prince of Pereyaslavl after 1054, successor to Svyatoslav as Grand Prince of Kiev ...

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    son of Vsyevolod Yaroslavich, and a Byzantine princess daughter of Konstantin Monomakh, he had 2 or 3 wives, among them Gytha, daughter of Harald II of England, an unknown lady, and finally a daughter of Polovtsi (Kypchak) Khan Aepa. His sons were MstislavI, prince of Kyiv

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    When the wife of grand prince Izyaslav III Davidovich of Kiev (whose husband had been expelled from Kiev by prince Yaroslav Volodimerovich of Halych on December 22, 1158) came to Ropesk, Yaroslav showed every courtesy, although Izyaslav III Davidovich had declared war on the Olgovichi (the ruling dynasty of Chernigov).

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    Vsevolod III Yuryevich the Big Nest (1175-1176) Yaroslav II Vsevolodovich (1212-1246) Aleksandr Yaroslavich Nevskiy (1246-1263)