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  1. Yaropolk Romanovich of Smolensk (c1156-c1182) | Familypedia ...

    Yaropolk Romanovich of Smolensk, Prince of Tripolye, Prince of Smolensk, was born 1156 to Roman Rostislavich of Kiev (c1132-1180) and Mariya Svyatovlavna of Novgorod-Seversky (1140-1175) and died 1182 of unspecified causes. Ancestors are from Belarus, Russia, Ukraine, Sweden. Yaropolk Romanovich (about 1151/1156 - after 1180 ) - Prince of Tripolye (1177), Prince of Smolensk (1172-1174, 1175 ...

  2. Yaropolk III Yaroslavich - Wikipedia

    Yaropolk III Yaroslavich (after 1174 - after 1212 / before 1223) was a Rus' prince (a member of the Rurik dynasty). He was prince of Novgorod (1197).

  3. Mstislav III Romanovich of Kiev (c1160-1223) | Familypedia ...

    Mstislav Romanovich came into the political arena in 1177, when he and his uncle Ryurik Rostislavich and elder brother Yaropolk were defeated by the Polovtsians in the Battle of Rostovets. In 1178, his father sent him to help the Prince of Vitebsk Vseslav Vasilkovich against Mstislav Rostislavich of Novgorod.

    • 2 June 1223
    • Roman Rostislavich of Kiev (c1132-1180)
    • Battle of the Kalka River (1223)
  4. Yaroslav II Vsevolodovich - Wikipedia

    From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia Yaroslav II Vsevolodovich (Kiev, 1139–1198) was a Rus’ prince (a member of the Rurik dynasty). He was prince of Ropesk (c. 1146–1166), of Starodub (1166–1176), and of Chernigov (1176–1198).

  5. Ancestors of Alexandra Catlin Vaut - Person Page

    3 Yaropolk Romanovich (?) Prince of Smolensk was also known as Iaropolk Romanovich Prince of Smolensk. 3 He was Prince of Smolensk between 1172 and 1174. 1 , 3 He was living in 1176. 1 Family

  6. King of Ruthenia

    Yaropolk Izyaslavich - Daniel of Galicia - Lviv - Leo I of Galicia - Yuri I of Galicia - Dmytro Dedko - Kingdom of Galicia–Volhynia - Rurik dynasty - Latin - Pope - Romanovich - Iziaslav I of Kiev - Galicia–Volhynia Wars - Kingdom of Poland (1025–1385) - Casimir III the Great - Louis I of Hungary - Chełm - Andrew of Galicia - Leo II of Galicia - Ruthenians - Bolesław-Jerzy II - Maria ...

  7. List of rulers of Galicia and Volhynia - Wikipedia

    List of rulers of Halychyna and its sister principality Volhynia.They were basically separate principalities (rulers being closely related) until Roman the Great, Prince of Volhynia who conquered also Halych but immediately gave it to his son.

  8. Prince of Smolensk - Wikipedia

    The Prince of Smolensk was the kniaz, the ruler or sub-ruler, of the Rus' Principality of Smolensk, a lordship based on the city of Smolensk.It passed between different groups of descendants of Grand Prince Iaroslav I of Kiev until 1125, when following the death of Vladimir Monomakh the latter's grandson Rostislav Mstislavich was installed in the principality, while the latter's father ...

  9. I. Roman kijevi nagyfejedelem – Wikipédia

    Yaropolk Romanovich A Wikimédia Commons tartalmaz I. Roman témájú médiaállományokat. I. Roman Rosztyiszlavics ( oroszul : Роман Ростиславич ) , ( 1150 k. – 1180 .

  10. Iaropolk Romanovich Роман I Ростиславич је био велики кнез Кијева. Био је син Ростислава I Кијевског .