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  1. Yaroslav - Wikipedia

    Dec 29, 2020 · Yaroslav II of Vladimir (1191–1246), Grand Prince and son of Vsevolod the Big Nest and Maria Shvarnovna; Yaroslav of Tver (1220–1271), sometimes called Yaroslav III, Grand Prince and son of Yaroslav II of Vladimir; Contemporary people with the given name Yaroslav. Yaroslav Amosov (born 1993), Ukrainian mixed martial arts fighter

  2. Order of Prince Yaroslav the Wise - Wikipedia

    6 days ago · Order of Prince Yaroslav the Wise II and III degree The sign of the order is the same as the sign of the order of the first degree. In the upper part of the cross, a figured ring is attached to the bracket, through which a ribbon is stretched to wear the badge of the Order on the neck. Order of Prince Yaroslav the Wise IV degree

    • August 23, 1995
    • Five-grades order
    • Active
    • Ukraine
  3. Yaroslavl - Wikipedia

    6 days ago · Yaroslavl is one of the eight cities of Russia's Golden Ring, a group of touristic, historic towns around Moscow. Yaroslavl is situated on the north-eastern side of this 'ring' and is the largest city in its chain. Whilst the city is best known for its architectural merits, it also has a relatively large repertoire of cultural attractions.

    • 205.80 km² (79.46 sq mi)
    • 1010
    • 100 m (300 ft)
    • Russia
  4. Yaroslav II Vsevolodovich - Wikipedia

    Jan 08, 2021 · On July 22, 1176, Yaroslav's brother Svyatoslav Vsevolodovich occupied Kiev and promoted Yaroslav to Chernigov. At the beginning of 1181, Yaroslav's brother, who had been expelled from Kiev, launched a campaign against prince Vsevolod III Yurevich of Suzdalia.

  5. List of Russian monarchs - Wikipedia

    It includes the titles Prince of Novgorod, Grand Prince of Kiev, Grand Prince of Vladimir, Grand Prince of Moscow, Czar of All Rus' (Russia), and Emperor of All Russia.

  6. Jan 02, 2021 · February 8 – Yaroslav II of Russia (d. 1246) Deaths. March 27 – Pope Clement III; Shahab-ud-din Suhrawardi the Sufi saint and mystic was executed. Miscellaneous. This is the year the popular game for Xbox 360, Assassin's Creed, is set.

  7. Jan 05, 2021 · Глава iii» 13.02.2021 (Санкт-Петербург, Дворец Безбородко) совместно с Натальей ...

  8. Jaroslavas Išmintingasis – Vikipedija

    Jaroslavas Išmintingasis (gimė – apie 978 m.; mirė – 1054 m. vasario 20 d.) – Kijevo didysis kunigaikštis (1019–1054

  9. T-34 レジェンド・オブ・ウォー - Wikipediaレジェンド...

    6 days ago · t-34-76戦車1両を任されたイヴシュキンは、友軍撤退の援護のため、翌11月28日にドイツの戦車中隊を待ち伏せ奇襲により翻弄するも、iii号戦車を駆るイェーガーとの死闘により相打ち、捕虜となった。

  10. Хронология. За начало на войната в Европа обикновено се приема 1 септември 1939 година – началото на германското нападение на Полша, последвано два дни по-късно от обявяването на война на Германия от Великобритания и ...

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