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  1. Ivan III av Russland – Wikipedia

    Ivan III Vasiljevitsj (russisk: Иван III Васильевич) (født 22. januar 1440, død 27. oktober 1505), også kjent som Ivan den store, var storfyrste (russisk: вели́кий князь – velikij knjaz) av Storfyrstedømmet Moskva, og brukte også den mer storslåtte tittelen «storfyrste av hele Russland» (i vestlig litteratur ofte feilaktig oversatt som «alle Russland»).

  2. Wassili II. - Wikipedia-Personensuche

    Kind: Yuri, Duke of Dmitrov and Mozhaisk Kind: Boris Vasilyevich of Volotsk Kind: Andrey Moskevský. Verlinkte Personen (8) ↔ Iwan III., Fürstsouverän von ganz Russland ↔ Litauen, Sofia von, Großfürstin von Moskau ↔ Mehmed, Ulug, Khan der Goldenen Horde ↔ Vytautas, Großfürst von Litauen ↔ Wassili I., Großfürst von Wladimir und ...

  3. Maria of Borovsk - de búsqueda

    Maria Yaroslavna of Borovsk (c1418-1484) (Russian: Мария Ярославна) is the daughter of Yaroslav Vladimirovich, prince of Serpukhov, Borovsk and Maloyaroslavets and of Maria Fyodorovna (daughter of a boyar Fyodor Fyodorovich Koshkin-Goltyayev (c1390-c1430). In 1433 she married Vasily II, the Dark, Grand Duke of Moscow.

  4. Unification of lands around Moscow: the beginning, the stages ...

    Such an opportunity made me wait a few years. In 1313, Khan Tokhta died, and his place was taken by Uzbek. Michael was supposed to go to the Horde and receive confirmation of the Grand Duke label. However, Yuri was ahead of him. Having appeared at Uzbek before his opponent, the Moscow prince did everything to gain the trust and favor of the new ...

  5. principato russo: la lotta e l'unione

    A quel punto, Mosca è diventata non solo ideologica, ma anche il centro religioso della Russia. Durante il regno dei figli di Ivan Kalita Simeone Proud (1340-1353 gg.) E Ivan il Rosso (1353-1359 gg.) Per il Ducato di Mosca è stato raggiunto Kostroma, Dmitrov, terra Starodubsky e parte del terreno Kaluga. don . Il principe Dmitry (1359-1389 gg.)


    858: Rurik takes area around Kiev from previous Magyar-Khazar rulers : 860: First Rus' attack on Byzantine Constantinople : 864-83: Rus' raids against Islamic areas arond Caspian Sea

  7. Chronicle of Novgorod | Russia | International Politics

    20 THE CHRONICLE OF NOVGOROD THE CHRONICLE OF NOVGOROD 21 six small towns on the Volga, they laid waste as far as Yaroslavl, and took 7,000 heads (captives), and turned back for the bad roads. A.D. 1152. A.M. 6660.

  8. Search result :: Moscow's virtual community for English ...

    Established in 1997 and politically supported by Mayor Yuri Luzhkov, the Association organizes investment forums and other major business events in Moscow and abroad. MIBA has 18 regional offices, as well as offices in the US, Israel, Zambia, Germany and Finland.

  9. Lev Tikhomirov Monarchical state(translated from Russian by ...

    Page 1. Lev Tikhomirov Monarchical state Lev Tikhomirov. "Monarchical state" LA Tikhomirov "monarchical state", M .: SUE "Oblizdat" LLP "Alirio", 1998, 672 p. "Monarchical state" LA Tikhomirov - a totally unique work in the domestic social and political thought, the work hitherto no one surpassed.

  10. Kronologi for en del fyrster og regenter fra det russiske område

    1. — Princes of Chernigov, Tjernikov from 1054 to 1245 numbered C-01 - 2. — Princes of Galicia = Galitj from 1144 to 1350 numbered G-01 - 3. — Princes of Kiev from 880 to 1250c. numbered K-01 -