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  1. 15th Century | Rusmania

    In 1431 Khan Oluğ Möxämmäd gave his support to Vasily II’s claims but also decided to transfer the city of Dmitrov to the realm of Yuri Dmitrievich. Despite securing the title of grand prince, Vasily was not content with being forced to give up Dmitrov and refused to hand over the city.

  2. Sights of Mozhaisk | Rusmania

    Mozhaisk was briefly occupied by the Nazis in the winter of 1941/1942 and in commemoration of its liberation a victory park was established along Ulitsa Klementievskaya on Oktyabrskaya Ploschad. The main feature of the park is the Liberator Statue which depicts a victorious Red Army soldier standing on a tall column.

  3. Μαρία του Μπορόβσκ - ΒικιπαίδειαΜαρία_του...

    Yuri, Duke of Dmitrov and Mozhaisk: Γονείς: Yaroslav Vladimirovich of Maloyaroslavets και Maria Fedorovna Koshkina-Goltyaeva: Οικογένεια: Ρουρικίδες Σχετικά πολυμέσα: δεδομένα

  4. Василь II Темний — ВікіпедіяВасиль_II_Темний

    Іван III Васильович, Anna of Ryazan d, Andrey Bolshoy d, Yuri, Duke of Dmitrov and Mozhaisk d, Boris Vasilyevich of Volotsk d і Andrey Moskevský d Медіафайли у Вікісховищі

  5. Wikipedia:Bybrunnen/Arkiv 2020-03 – Wikipedia

    Yuri, Duke of Dmitrov and Mozhaisk (Q4534853) syskon (P3373) Ivan III av Moskva (Q171185) Ivan III av Moskva: 6 Yuri, Duke of Dmitrov and Mozhaisk (Q4534853) barn (P40) Vasilij II av Moskva (Q210359) Vasilij II av Moskva: 6 Kejsar Vilhelminstitutet för fysik (Q48753512) arbetsgivare (P108) Peter Debye (Q103835) Peter Debye: 4 Sofia Dmitrijevna ...

  6. Zoe Palaiologina (c1448-1503) | Familypedia | Fandom

    Elena Ivanovna ( 19 May 1476 - 1513 ) - the wife of Grand Duke of Lithuania and King of Poland Alexander Jagiellon . Grand Prince of Moscow Vasily III ( 25 March 1479 - 3 December 1533 ) Yuri Ivanovich ( 23 March 1480 - 1536 ) - Prince of Dmitrov. Dmitry Zhilka (6 October 1481 - 14 February 1521 ) - Prince of Uglich.

  7. At the end of 1303 Yuri Danilovich selected from Smolensk princes Mozhaisk, and then the boundary between the principalities of relatively stabilized. Smolensk Principality passed in with the 224 . Therefore, in the beginning of XIV century Mozhaisk and Kolomna were important fortresses on the border between the vassals of the Horde ...

  8. Iván III de Rusia - Wikipediaán_III_de_Rusia

    Iván III Vasílievich (Иван III Васильевич) (22 de xineru de 1440, Moscú - 27 d'ochobre de 1505, Moscú), tamién conocíu como Iván el Grande, foi gran príncipe de Moscú y el primeru n'adoptar el títulu de «gran príncipe de toles Rusias».

  9. Ivan III.a Errusiakoa - Wikipedia, entziklopedia askea.

    Ivan III.a Vasilevitx (errusieraz: Иван III Васильевич; Mosku, Moskuko Printzerria, 1440ko urtarrilaren 22a - Mosku, Moskuko Printzerria, 1505eko urriaren 27a), Ivan Handia ere deitua, 1462-1505 bitartean Moskuko Printze Handia izan zen, eta Rus guztien duke handia (errusieraz: Великий князь всея Руси) titulua hartu zuen lehena.

  10. Αντρέι Μπολσόι - ΒικιπαίδειαΑντρέι_Μπολσόι

    Ο Αντρέι Βασίλιεβιτς ο δυνατός (ρωσ.:Андрей Васильевич Большой, 13 Αυγούστου 1446 - 7 Νοεμβρίου 1493) από τον Οίκο των Ρουρικιδών ήταν πρίγκιπας του Ζβενίγκοροντ.