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  1. 15th Century | Rusmania

    In 1431 Khan Oluğ Möxämmäd gave his support to Vasily II’s claims but also decided to transfer the city of Dmitrov to the realm of Yuri Dmitrievich. Despite securing the title of grand prince, Vasily was not content with being forced to give up Dmitrov and refused to hand over the city.

  2. Grand Prince of Moscow Vasily II "Dark" Vasilyevich, Rurikids ...

    When Yuri assembled an army and attacked Moscow, Vasily, betrayed by Vsevolzhsky, was defeated and captured by his enemies (1433). Upon being proclaimed Grand Duke of Moscow, Yuri pardoned his nephew and sent him to reign in the town of Kolomna.

  3. Sights of Mozhaisk | Rusmania

    Mozhaisk was briefly occupied by the Nazis in the winter of 1941/1942 and in commemoration of its liberation a victory park was established along Ulitsa Klementievskaya on Oktyabrskaya Ploschad. The main feature of the park is the Liberator Statue which depicts a victorious Red Army soldier standing on a tall column.

  4. Wikipedia:Bybrunnen/Arkiv 2020-03 – Wikipedia

    Yuri, Duke of Dmitrov and Mozhaisk (Q4534853) syskon (P3373) Ivan III av Moskva (Q171185) Ivan III av Moskva: 6 Yuri, Duke of Dmitrov and Mozhaisk (Q4534853) barn (P40) Vasilij II av Moskva (Q210359) Vasilij II av Moskva: 6 Kejsar Vilhelminstitutet för fysik (Q48753512) arbetsgivare (P108) Peter Debye (Q103835) Peter Debye: 4 Sofia Dmitrijevna ...

  5. Kulikov battle. 1380 -

    Battle of Kulikovo (Mamayev Battle), a battle between the combined Russian army led by the Moscow Grand Prince Dmitry Ivanovich and the army of the temnik of the Golden Horde Mamaia, held on September 8 1380 on the Kulikovo Field (historical area between the rivers Don, Nepryadva and Beautiful Sword on

  6. Blind Prince Vasily - Russian Personalities

    Having stayed in Dmitrov only a month, Kosoy went to Kostroma again and gathered an army there. When the winter road was opened, his army moved to Ustyug. Taking the city, Kosoy arranged a real massacre there: he killed the grand duke’s viceroy and many people. Meanwhile, Dmitry Shemyaka went to Moscow to invite the Grand Duke to his wedding.

  7. Rus - Rulers

    With both Vitvot and Metropolitan Photius dead, Yuri, brother of Vasilii I, again claims throne of Moscow - he and Vasilii II go to Sarai for decision by Khan Ulug Mehmed. 1432 AD: Ulug Mehmed gives yarlik to Vasilii II. 1432 AD: Prince Alexis of Theodoro, alliance with Venice. 1433 AD: Hussites and Poles invade Prussia. 1433-34 AD

  8. At the end of 1303 Yuri Danilovich selected from Smolensk princes Mozhaisk, and then the boundary between the principalities of relatively stabilized. Smolensk Principality passed in with the 224 . Therefore, in the beginning of XIV century Mozhaisk and Kolomna were important fortresses on the border between the vassals of the Horde ...

  9. Ivan al III-lea al Rusiei - Wikiwand

    Ivan al III-lea cel Mare a fost din 1462 până în 1503 suveran a întregii Rusii.

  10. Konstantin, Pr of Dmitrov and Galich (1246-55), +spring 1255; his issue was the house of Galich o F1. Daniil, +1280; m.N, a dau.of Fedor "Cherniy" of Yaroslav (+1299)