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    Yuri Igorevich (died December 21, 1237) also known as Yuriy Ingvarevich, was the Grand Prince of Ryazan (1235–1237) who presided over the Principality of Ryazan at the time of the Mongol invasion of Rus'.

    • Ingvar Igorevich(brother)
    • Ingvar Ingvarevich(nephew)
    • 1235-1237
    • December 21, 1237, Ryazan
  2. Yuri Igoryevich of Ryazan (c1192-1237) | Familypedia | Fandom

    Yuri Igoryevich of Ryazan was born circa 1187 to Igor Glebovich of Ryazan (c1154-1194) and Agrafena Rostislavna of Smolensk (c1165-1234) and died 21 December 1217 in Ryazan, Ryazan Oblast, Ryazan Rayon, Russia of unspecified causes. Notable ancestors include Charlemagne (747-814), Alfred the Great (849-899). Ancestors are from Russia, Ukraine, Sweden, France, the United Kingdom, Germany ...

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    Yuri II Ryanzansky (Russian: Юрий Дмитрий Рязанский; Polish: Yuri Dmitrij Ryazansky; (Feburary 22, 1642 – October 4, 1690), was soldier and first military governor who claim Ryazan. Also good General of Second Northern War, and Polish Civil War. Yuri Dmitri Ryazansky was born Feburary 22, 1642, lived Ryazan, Moscovite Tsardom. He was one one of greatest Generals of Russia ...

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    • Prior to The Invasion of Batu Khan
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    • History
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    Sometime between 1097 and 1155, the principality became a sovereign state and until 1161, according to the Hypatian Codex, the official name was the Principality of Murom and Ryazan. The first ruler of Ryazan was supposedly Yaroslav Sviatoslavich, Prince of Chernigov (a city of Kievan Rus'), later Prince of Murom and Ryzan. The capital of the Grand Principality became Ryazan, however the present-day city of Ryazan is located 40 miles north from the original site of the capital today known as Ryazan Staraya (Old Ryazan). By the end of 12th century, the Principality waged wars with the neighboring Grand Principality of Vladimir-Suzdal. In the course of that stand-off, the city of Ryazan was burned twice in a span of twenty years from 1186 to 1208. In 1217, there was a culminate point in history of Ryazan when during the civil war inside the Duchy six leaders of the state were killed by Gleb Vladimirovich who later defected to Cumans. Sometime around that time the Duchy came under a gr...

    In 1301 Prince Daniel of Moscow took Ryazan due to the boyars' betrayal and imprisoned Prince ru (Konstantin Romanovich). In 1305 Daniel's son Prince Yury of Moscow ordered his death. The two next successors of Konstantin were killed by the Golden Horde. In 1380, Prince Oleg Ivanovich did not take part in the Battle of Kulikovo, although he was in ally of Mamai. During almost all the its history, the Ryazan Principality was in conflict with its provincial Pronsk Principality until Ryazan completely annexed Pronsk in 1483 during the regency of Anna of Ryazan.

    In 1520, Grand Prince Vasili III of Russia captured and imprisoned in Moscow the last Grand Prince of Ryazan Ivan V because of his relations with the Crimean Khan Mehmed I Giray. In 1521, Prince Ivan Ivanovich fled into the Grand Duchy of Lithuania. After that, in 1521, the Ryazan Principality was merged with Muscovy. Muromo-Ryazan principality, Ryazan principality , the Ryazan Grand Duchyprincipality , Grand Duchy of← ← Flag of None.svg1129 - 1521 Coat of arms of Russia (XV Century) .svg →Kievan Rus in 1237 (en) .svgMuromo-Ryazan principality before the separation of the Murom PrincipalityCapital Ryazan , Pereyaslavl RyazanskiyLanguages) Old RussianReligion OrthodoxyPopulation Eastern Slavs , Murom , Mordva , MeshcheraForm of government feudal monarchyPrince , Grand Duke History The Ryazan Grand Duchy is a medieval Russian feudal state that existed from the 12th to early 16th centuries in the Middle Oka . Originally the Ryazan land together with the Murom land belonged to the Chern...

    Muromo-Ryazan principality

    After the expulsion of Yaroslav Svyatoslavich from Chernigov by Vsevolod Olgovich( 1127 ), the principality with a center in Murom, which included Ryazan and in historiography designated as the Muromo-Ryazan principality , separated from the Chernigov principality under the rule of the descendants of Yaroslav. Ryazan princeling emerged as a destiny in its composition in 1129 . After the death of Yaroslav in Murom, his sons [[Yuri[]] , Svyatoslav (the first in the Ryazan district, 1129-1143),...

    Under Gleb Rostislavich, the Ryazan people participated in the campaigns of Andrei Bogolyubsky against the Volga Bulgars in 1172 and under Vyshgorod in 1173. Under the year 1205, their independent campaign against the Polovtsians was reported.

    After the death of Andrei Bogolyubsky, Gleb took part in the struggle for power in Northeast Russia on the side of the brothers of his wife, Rostislav Yurievich's sons , against Mikhail Yurievich, Mikhail and Vsevolod , supported by Svyatoslav Chernigovsky . During the war, Gleb managed to even ruin Vladimir , but in the end he was forced to return the stolen, lost the battle on Koloksha and was captured. Vsevolod Yuryevich suggested that he renounce the Ryazan princedom and go to the south, but Gleb did not agree. Despite the diplomatic efforts of Mstislav the Brave of the Smolensk branch of Rurikovich, married to the daughter of Gleb, Gleb remained imprisoned and died (1178). The sons of Gleb received his father's inheritance with the permission of Vsevolod. The elder of Glebovichy, Roman , married to the daughter of Svyatoslav of Kiev, sought to increase the Ryazan domain in violation of the rights of younger brothers, and in 1180 Vsevolod intervened in the Ryazan principality an...

    ApraxinsVerderevskyThe BazarovsBashmakovyBaturinsBurminaBuzovlevyBulgakovsThe BogdanovsBirkinGlebovsDuvanovsZykovyIzmailovIvashkinKarandeyevsTreasurersKobyakovyCorobinesConquelsKoltowskiKoleminsKireevaLeontiefLyapunovs (princes) LubawaMaslovaMeshchersky (princes)NazareneOltufevyPronsk (rulers)The PolesPetrovo-SolovovoSelivanovyThe SunbullsSidorovyGlebovsKarandeyevsKobyakovyKozhanov (princes)KryukovsRataevsSidorovySkopinChevkinaTaptykovyTutyhinLeontiefChevkinaChernytsynyKhanykovySlyShilovskyShishkinsThe names of the Ryazan bishops GaverdovskiyeDmitrievyIlyins (princes) See also commons: Grand Duchy of Ryazan on Wikimedia Commons List of Russian principalities # Muromo-Ryazan principalityHistory of Ryazan RegionRyazan districtList of princes of RyazanTerritorial and political expansion of the Moscow PrincipalityNotes ↑ D.I. Ilovaysky. "History of the Ryazan Principality". 1858g.↑ According to the dating of the Novgorod annals, February-March, 1210; the starting point for the campaign...

    In Murom

    1. 1127–1129 Yaroslav I of Murom and Ryazan *exiled from Chernigov

    In Ryazan

    1. 1129–1143 Sviatoslav of Ryazan *his son 2. 1143–1145 Rostislav of Ryazan *lost Ryazan to Suzdal, but reclaimed it using Cumans 3. 1145–1178 Gleb I of Ryazan *plundered Vladimir and Moscow, but died in captivity in Vladimir 4. 1180–1207 Roman I of Ryazan *ruled as vasal of Vsevolod the Big Nest, Grand Prince of Vladimir, but died in his dungeon 5. 1208–1208 Yaroslav II of Ryazan*son of Vsevolod the Big Nest 6. 1208–1212 governors from Vladimir 7. 1212–1217 Roman II of Ryazan *nephew of Roma...

    In Pereslavl-Ryazansky, later renamed to Ryazan

    1. 1237–1252 Ingvar II of Pereslavl-Ryazansky *son of Ingvar I, his existence is disputed 2. 1252–1258 Oleg the Red *his brother, captured by Mongols in Battle of Kolomna, but ruled as their vasal and died as a monk 3. 1258–1270 Roman II of Ryazan , the Saint *his son, ruled as Mongol vasal but executed for his faith 4. 1270–1294 Fyodor I of Ryazan *his son, resisted Tatar raids in 1278 and 1288 5. 1294–1299 Yaroslav III of Ryazan *his son 6. 1299–1301 Konstantin of Ryazan *his brother, execu...

    (Russian) Ryazan Principality
    (Russian) Map of Ryazan Principality
    (Russian) Genealogy of Princes of Ryazan
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    Yuri II (Russian: Ю́рий–II), also known as George II of Vladimir or Georgy II Vsevolodovich (1189 – 4 March 1238), was the fourth Grand Prince of Vladimir (1212–1216, 1218–1238) who presided over Vladimir-Suzdal at the time of the Mongol invasion of Russia. He was the third and best-loved son of Vsevolod III and Maria Shvarnovna.

  6. Russian Apartment Bombings: The Story of Ryazan Sugar | by ...

    Oct 28, 2018 · In March 2000, Yuri Maximov has revealed that the Ryazan bomb squad possesses two explosive detectors. One is a gas vapor detector “M-02”, which is not very accurate and sometimes malfunctions ...

  7. Limanov Jurij. Oleg Ryazanskij. Mnogolikij./Limanov Yuri ...

    Limanov Jurij. Oleg Ryazanskij. Mnogolikij./Limanov Yuri. Oleg of Ryazan. Mnogolikij. [n/a] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. Limanov Jurij. Oleg ...

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    In 1237, in December, the Ryazan lands became the first victim of the Mongol warriors. The prince at that time, Yuri Igorevich, with part of the squad, remained in Ryazan and resisted the invaders. However, on the sixth day he was killed. The city was ravaged. The battle killed Fyodor (son of Yuri) and his wife and son Ivan.

  9. Yuri VOROBYOV | Senior Researcher | PhD in Physics | Ryazan ...

    Yuri Vorobyov currently works at the Regional Centre for Probe Microscopy, Ryazan State Radio Engineering University. Yuri does research in Crystallization of Phase-Change Materials.

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    1235–1237 Yuri of Ryazan *his brother, killed by Mongols, city destroyed In Pereslavl-Ryazansky, later renamed to Ryazan [ edit ] 1237–1252 Ingvar II of Pereslavl-Ryazansky *son of Ingvar I, his existence is disputed