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  1. Porsche 356 - Wikipedia › wiki › Porsche_356

    The 356 was created by Ferdinand "Ferry" Porsche (son of Ferdinand Porsche, founder of the German company), who founded the Austrian company with his sister, Louise.Like its cousin, the Volkswagen Beetle (which Ferdinand Porsche Sr. had designed), the 356 is a four-cylinder, air-cooled, rear-engine, rear-wheel-drive car with unitized pan and body construction.

  2. Porsche Carrera - Wikipedia › wiki › Porsche_Carrera

    Carrera (Spanish for "race" and "career") is a brand of Porsche automobile. The name commemorates the company's success in the Carrera Panamericana race. The following vehicles have been called Carrera: Porsche 356; Porsche 904; Porsche 911. Porsche 911 (1963–1989) Porsche 930 (1975–1989) Porsche 964 (1989–1993) Porsche 993 (1993–1998 ...

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  4. Porsche 911 - Wikipedia › wiki › Porsche_911

    Carrera GTS. For the 2011 model year, Porsche introduced the first ever GTS model for the 911. Designed as a drivers car, the GTS was more powerful than the S, better handling via a bespoke suspension design, and positioned as a more street friendly alternative to the GT3, Porsche's track-focused 911 variant.

  5. Porsche 911 (classic) - Wikipedia › wiki › Porsche_911_(classic)

    The Carrera name was reintroduced from the 356 Carrera which had itself been named after Porsche's victories in the Carrera Panamericana races in Mexico in the 1950s. The RS was built so that Porsche could enter racing formulae that demanded that a certain minimum number of production cars were made.

  6. Porsche 356 - Wikipedia, la enciclopedia libre › wiki › Porsche_356

    El Porsche 356 fue un automóvil deportivo producido por la marca alemana Porsche entre 1948 y 1965. Fue el primer automóvil de serie fabricado por Porsche, era un auto de cuatro plazas con motor trasero montado sobre un chasis derivado del Volkswagen, el primitivo Porsche 356 de 40 CV (29 kilovatios) a 4.000 RPM estaba disponible en carrocerías de coupé y roadster.

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  7. Porsche 911 - Wikipedia, la enciclopedia libre › wiki › Porsche_911

    Los motores probados fueron los del 356 Carrera 2 (Type 587/1) y el más complejo Type 745, un seis cilindros de 2,0 L., un poco diferente del motor del "901" desarrollado posteriormente. Una vez que Ferdinand Porsche percibió que la mejor apuesta sería realmente un fastback 2+2 para sustituir al 356 en el mismo nicho de este, Butzi Porsche ...

  8. Porsche 928 - Wikipedia › wiki › Porsche_928

    Ordered by Ferdinand Porsche to design a production-feasible concept for the new model, Fuhrmann initiated a design study in 1971, eventually yielding the 928 which was the first clean sheet design by the company for its own model; the 356 had evolved from the Volkswagen Beetle, the 911 was an evolution of the 356, the 914 was a joint effort ...

  9. Welcome to the official Porsche Website with detailed information about Porsche Models, Pre-owned Cars, Porsche Motorsport, the company, etc.

  10. 1958 Porsche 356 Carrera Speedster GS/GT | Jan B. Lühn › cars › 1958-porsche-356-carrera

    In May 1957, Porsche offered two distinct versions of the 356 Carrera Speedsters, the GS (de Luxe) for road use and this model, the GS/GT (Gran Turismo) for track use. The main difference between the two models was weight and performance. The Carrera GT was a purpose-built car with little on board amenities.

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