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  2. A Bridge Too Far movie review (1977) | Roger Ebert

    “A Bridge Too Far” could have been made at any time during the past 30 years and probably better, too, except that in the old days the studio heads would have vetoed it. It's a 170-minute downer about Operation Market Garden, an abortive attempt to land 35,000 paratroops behind the German lines, but why make a movie about total defeat and stupidity?

  3. A Bridge Too Far (1977) - Rotten Tomatoes

    A Bridge Too Far. Critics Consensus. A Bridge Too Far is a war movie too long, although top-notch talent on both sides of the camera keeps the end result consistently watchable.

    • (25)
    • drama, war
    • PG
  4. A Bridge Too Far - Movie Reviews - Rotten Tomatoes

    A Bridge Too Far Reviews. Does have its flat spots, but does have a top-notch cast to keep boredom at bay. Running just under three hours, it's far too long but it's not bad. Sometimes it's quite...

  5. A Bridge Too Far Review | Movie - Empire

    Jan 01, 2000 · A Bridge Too Far Review. Epic, all-star retelling of one of the most notorious failed missions of World War II: the Allied attempt to capture several key bridges in Holland that led to the capture...

  6. A Bridge Too Far Reviews - Metacritic

    Futility and frustration are the overriding emotional elements in A Bridge Too Far, Joseph E. Levine's sprawling Second World War production [from the novel by Cornelius Ryan] about a 1944 military operation botched by both Allied and German troops. Read full review

    • (13)
    • Richard Attenborough
    • PG
    • Erik Van 't Wout
  7. A Bridge Too Far is a very good war film - maybe the biggest war film ever conceived (The Longest Day and Saving Private Ryan included) - and I feel that, although it has a few casting flaws, it is in almost every other department a great, great achievement. 184 out of 217 found this helpful.

  8. Film: It's a Long War In 'Bridge Too Far' - The New York Times

    Jun 16, 1977 · JOSEPH E. LEVINE's "A Bridge Too Far," the film version of Cornelius Ryan's best-selling book about the disastrous Allied push into the Netherlands in September 1944, proves that there's life in...

  9. How historically accurate is the movie 'A Bridge Too Far ...

    Jan 05, 2021 · The war movie ‘A Bridge Too Far’’ was one of the hits of 1977. It was a much-anticipated extravaganza that was well received by the public, if not all the critics. The movie tells the story of Operation Market Garden. This was an attempt by the allies to seize several key bridges over the Rhine in the Netherlands in 1944.

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