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  2. Apr 1, 2022 · According to the BLS report, various careers bring in high salaries for women: health care, law, management, and tech jobs are among the top money-making positions. Curious about which occupations offer the most earning potential for working women? Per the BLS, these careers are among the most lucrative. 01 of 10 Pharmacist LWA / Getty Images

  3. Sep 7, 2022 · 16 Careers for Women Pharmacist Average Annual Salary: $119,686 Women can expect to earn big salaries as pharmacists. On average, a woman earns over $98,000 annually as a pharmacist. The salary is high since it requires extra education (a Doctor of Pharmacy degree) and licenses.

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    • Why Certain Careers Are “Women-Dominated”
    • Women-Dominated Careers and The Gender Pay Gap
    • 40 Women-Dominated Careers and Their Salaries

    There are tons of studies trying to nail down the specifics as to why men and women still tend to choose different industries. There’s the historic reason: Some industries—child care, education, nursing—have always been more populated with women due largely in part to sexismrelegating women to gender-specific roles, with women as the caretakers. Wh...

    It’s called occupational sorting—women dominate employment in an industry that pays less than the average salary, further driving a difference in average pay between men and women. You’ll hear arguments that this is the main reason for the gender pay gap—but men in women-dominated industries still often make more money than women in women-dominated...

    U.S. Bureau of Labor Statisticsfrequently compiles information on the U.S. workforce. Based on 2021 data, here are some of the careers where women are the majority (and the percentage of women workers in those careers), plus the jobs’ average salary.

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  4. 2 days ago · What is the highest paying jobs for females? Our research team created a list of good careers for women. Included are the median annual wage and job outlook of each occupation based on 2022 data from the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics.

  5. When it comes to higher-paying jobs for women, the public relations and fundraising field provides an excellent average salary that increases with time and experience. Average salary: $72,748.00 Percentage of women in the field: 69.44% How Do Jobs Like These Improve the Gender Pay Gap?

  6. 10 Best High Paying Careers for Women (Not All Require a Degree) You are here: Home → Career Ideas → Careers for Women High paying jobs for women are difficult to come by, especially if you don’t have training or a college education.

  7. Sep 25, 2020 · Keep reading to learn more about the 100 most common jobs held by women in the U.S. today. 1 / 100 Zivica Kerkez // Shutterstock #100. Veterinarians - Total women workers: 43,354 (61.9% of all workers) - Median earnings for men in this job: $111,080 - Median earnings for women in this job: $93,065 (83.8% of men's earnings)

  8. Feb 21, 2023 · Here are 20 jobs you can pursue that include women's health: 1. Sonographer National average salary: $26,541 per year Primary duties: A sonographer operates ultrasound equipment to capture internal images of patients.

  9. May 26, 2023 · Here is a look at the top 100 high-paying jobs: 1. Cardiologist National average salary: $351,827 per year 2. Anesthesiologist National average salary: $326,296 per year 3. Orthodontist National average salary: $264,850 per year 4. Psychiatrist National average salary: $224,577 per year 5. Surgeon National average salary: $216,248 per year 6.

  10. What Are the Top 10 High-Paying Careers for Women Working in the United States? Whether you’re looking to make a career change or are looking to land your first job in the United States, one of your top priorities is most likely a high salary.

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