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    American Broadcasting Company Type Television network (1948–present) Radio network (1943–2007, 2015-present) Branding ABC Country United States Availability Worldwide Founded May 15, 1943 ; 77 years ago (May 15, 1943) in New York City, United States by Edward J. Noble & Louis Blanche Slogan America's Network: ABC ; ABC Funny (comedy programming) Headquarters Burbank, California, United ...

  2. ABC Television - Wikipedia

    ABC TV Plus (originally ABC2), launched in 2005, shows comedic content in addition to some repeats from ABC TV of which the amount has decreased gradually since ABC TV Plus's inception. It is not a 24-hour channel, but is broadcast daily from 7.30 pm to around 2 or before 3 am the following morning.

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  4. The American Broadcasting Company (ABC) is an American television network. Along with CBS, NBC and Fox, it is one of the country's four major television networks. The network is owned by The Walt Disney Company following the acquisition of Disney Channel 's consumer business.

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    • Television network (1948–present), Radio network (1943–2007, 2015–present)
  5. ABC TV Plus - Wikipedia
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    ABC TV Plus is an Australian free-to-air television channel owned by the Australian Broadcasting Corporation. The channel broadcasts a range of general entertainment programming. Between the hours of 5am and 7.30pm daily the channel's bandwidth is used for the ABC Kids channel for young children. The channel was launched on 7 March 2005 as ABC2. It was rebranded as ABC Comedy on 4 December 2017, with a format focused on comedy programming. On 1 January 2021, it was rebranded as ABC TV Plus and r

    The history of the channel can be traced back to 1998 when the Australian Broadcasting Authority released a report, titled Digital Terrestrial Television Broadcasting, recommending that the Australian Government support the early introduction of digital broadcasting as a free-to-

    Weekly video gaming and technology programme Good Game was launched on 19 September 2006, becoming one of the first programmes in its genre to be broadcast on free-to-air television in Australia. Similarly in the same year, programmes produced included Australia Wide, Short and C

    With a new controller, ABC2 continued as a children's channel in the daytime, changing over to adult programmes at 7.00 PM. On 30 October 2017 it was announced by the ABC that on 4 December 2017, ABC2 would be rebranded as ABC Comedy, ending the use of the ABC2 name after 12 year

    ABC TV Plus is required by charter to meet certain programming obligations, including showcasing arts and culture, documentaries and entertainment.

    ABC TV Plus is available on all of ABC Television's terrestrial television transmitters in 576i SD Digital, as well as on most satellite and cable services. ABC TV Plus does not broadcast 24 hours a day. From 5am to 7:30pm daily, the channel's bandwidth is used for the ABC Kids channel. ABC TV Plus's programming commences at 7:30pm daily and usually closes around 3am.

    The channel launched with a three-dimensional logo of the numeral two. The previous idents were produced in part by Amanda Dennis, and were used in some form since the channel's launch, until the 2008 rebrand. The channel's original slogan was "More Choice, More Often". All promos featured the "Big 2" placed in famous, and iconic Australian locations, such as Port Jackson, the Melbourne Exhibition and Convention Centre and the Northern Territory. The "Big 2" was somewhat similar to the on air ma

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  6. ABC - Wikipedia

    American Broadcasting Company, a commercial U.S. TV broadcaster Disney–ABC Television Group , the former name of the parent organization of ABC Television Network ABC Radio (United States) , the current radio network relaunched by Disney/ABC News since 2015

  7. ABC TV (Australian TV network) - Wikipedia
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    ABC TV, formerly known as The ABC National Television Service or ABC Television from 1956 until 2008, and as ABC1 from 2008 until 2014, is a national public television network in Australia. Launched on 5 November 1956 it is the responsibility of the ABC's television division, and is available nationally. The ABC's headquarters is in Ultimo, an inner-city suburb of Sydney, New South Wales.

    The history of ABC TV can be traced back to 1953, when the federal Television Act was passed, providing the initial regulatory framework for both ABC Television and ABC Commercial television networks under the Australian Broadcasting Corporation. Over the next three years, planni

    Weekly current-affairs programme Four Corners began in 1961, followed in the same year by Profiles of Power, a series of interviews with prominent Australians. Direct relays between Sydney, Melbourne and Canberra were also established in 1961, replacing temporary microwave relays

    The year 2001 saw the launch of a new logo to celebrate the introduction of digital terrestrial television in Australia. The logo was modified to a three-dimensional metallic design. Coinciding with this, digital television was introduced to most of the network's coverage area on

    ABC is required by charter to meet certain programming obligations. Although it has a strong focus on news and current affairs, it also presents documentaries and educational programmes, drama, light entertainment comedy and variety, and sports.

    ABC varies depending on state and territory in terms of what 7:00 pm news bulletin, state-edition of 7.30, and some promotions, are shown. National programming is often interrupted to show state election coverage. Each state and territory's individual station is based on that of its capital city, meaning that in the state of Victoria, all programmes originate from either Melbourne or Sydney, where the remainder of programmes are broadcast from. ABC is broadcast nationally via ABC Television tran

    In the early years, ABC TV had been using Lissajous curves with its initials, ABC TV, inside it as fillers in-between programmes. A staff competition was conducted in 1963 to create a new logo for use on television, stationery, publications, microphone badges and ABC vehicles. Graphic designer, Bill Kennard, who had been experimenting with telerecording of the Cathode Ray Oscillograph displays, submitted a design in 1965 which was part of the waveform of an oscilloscope. The letters A-B-C were a

  8. ABC Weekend TV - Wikipedia

    ABC Weekend TV (legally Associated British Cinemas (Television) Ltd, and otherwise known as ABC Television and named as Associated British Corporation on the endcaps of later series of The Avengers) was one of a number of commercial television companies established in the United Kingdom during the 1950s by cinema chain companies, in an attempt to safeguard their business by becoming involved with television, which was taking away their cinema audiences.

  9. ABC TV – Wikipédia, a enciclopédia livre

    ABC TV Origem: Wikipédia, a enciclopédia livre. ABC TV é uma emissora de televisão brasileira sediada em Rio Branco, capital do estado do Acre. Opera no canal 7 (42 UHF digital) e é afiliada à RedeTV!.

  10. WABC-TV - Wikipedia

    WABC-TV, virtual and VHF digital channel 7, is the flagship station of the ABC television network, licensed to New York, New York, United States. The station is owned by the ABC Owned Television Stations subsidiary of The Walt Disney Company.

    • August 10, 1948 (72 years ago)
    • ABC 7 or Channel 7 (general), Channel 7 Eyewitness News, (newscasts)
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