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  1. Abraham Zapruder. Abraham Zapruder (May 15, 1905 – August 30, 1970) was a Russian Empire-born American clothing manufacturer who witnessed the assassination of United States President John F. Kennedy in Dallas, Texas, on November 22, 1963.

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    Zapruder was born in 1905 into a Russian-Jewish family in the city of Kovel in Ukraine (at that time under the Russian Empire). He received only four years of formal education in Russia. In 1920, amid the turmoil of the Russian Civil War, his family immigrated to the United States, settling in Brooklyn, New York.[1] Studying English at night, he fo...

    Inadvertent filming of assassination

    Zapruder considered himself a Democratand was an admirer of President Kennedy. Not originally intending to bring his camera to the motorcade, at the insistence of his assistant he retrieved it from home before going to Dealey Plaza. The camera was an 8 mm Bell & Howell Zoomatic Director Series Model 414 PD—top of the line when it was purchased in 1962. Zapruder waited atop a concrete pedestal along Elm Street, his receptionist Marilyn Sitzman prepared to steady him from behind,[5] and began f...

    Television interview

    While at WFAA, Zapruder described on live television what he had seen:

    Sale of rights

    Late that evening, Zapruder was contacted at home by Richard Stolley, an editor at Life magazine (and first editor of the future People magazine). They arranged to meet the following morning to view the film, after which Zapruder sold the print rights to Life magazine for $50,000. The following day (November 24), Life purchased all rights to the film for a total of $150,000 (equivalent to $1 million in 2007).[7] Zapruder gave the first $25,000, about $150,000 in 2007 dollars, to the widow of...

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    Zapruder. Zapruder is a Yiddish language surname derived from the East Slavic "запруда", referring to a weir or a dammed pond. Notable people with the name include: Abraham Zapruder (1905–1970), witness to the assassination of John F. Kennedy. Matthew Zapruder (born 1967), American poet, editor, translator, and professor.

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  4. The Zapruder film is a silent 8mm color motion picture sequence shot by Abraham Zapruder with a Bell & Howell home-movie camera, as United States President John F. Kennedy 's motorcade passed through Dealey Plaza in Dallas, Texas, on November 22, 1963. Unexpectedly, it ended up capturing the President's assassination .

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  6. She was observed standing on the grass between Elm and Main streets and is visible in the Zapruder film as well as in the films of Orville Nix, Marie Muchmore, and Mark Bell (44 minutes and 47 seconds into the Bell film: even though the shooting had already taken place and most of her surrounding witnesses took cover, she can be seen still standing with the camera at her face).

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