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    Actinopterygii (/ ˌ æ k t ɪ n ɒ p t ə ˈ r ɪ dʒ i aɪ /) (New Latin, actino-("having rays") + Ancient Greek πτέρυξ (ptérux, "wing, fins")), members of which are known as ray-finned fishes, is a clade (traditionally class or subclass) of the bony fishes.

    • Actinopterygii, Klein, 1885
    • Chordata
  2. Actinopterygii - Wikipedia

    The Actinopterygii / ˌæktᵻnˌɒptəˈrɪdʒi.aɪ /, or ray-finned fishes, constitute a class or subclass o the bony fishes . The ray-finned fishes are so cried acause thay possess lepidotrichia or "fin rays", thair fins being webs o skin supportit bi bony or horny spines ("rays"), as opponed tae the fleshy, lobed fins that characterize the class Sarcopterygii which an aa, however, possess lepidotrichia.

    • Actinopterygii, Klein,1885
    • Chordata
  3. The Actinopterygii is the class of ray-finned fishes. The ray-finned fishes get their name from the fact that they have lepidotrichia or "fin rays". Their fins are webs of skin held by bony or horny spines ("rays"). This is different from the fleshy fins of the fish in the Sarcopterygii. Actinopterygians are the largest class of vertebrates.

  4. Actinopterygii (bentuk jamaknya dari Actinopterygius) merupakan kelas dalam taksonomi dari ikan bersirip kipas. Actinopterygii mencakup banyak ikan yang dikenal awam sebagai ikan konsumsi maupun ikan hias/peliharaan. Secara evolusi, kelompok ini merupakan pengembangan lebih lanjut yang paling adaptif pada keadaan bumi pada masa kini.

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    Ang Actinopterygii ( maglaro / ˌ æ k t ɨ sa n ɒ p t ə r ɪ dʒ i. aɪ / ), o ray-may palikpik na isda, may isang klase o sub-class ng payat na payat isda.. Ang mga ray-may palikpik isda ay kaya tinatawag na dahil sila ay nagtataglay lepidotrichia o "palikpik ray", ang kanilang mga palikpik pagiging webs ng balat na suportado ng matinik o masungay spines ("ray"), bilang laban sa mataba ...

    • Actinopterygii, Klein, 1885
    • Chordata
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    Actinopterigienii sau actinopterigii (Actinopterygii) (din latina actino = rază + și greaca pterygii = aripă, aripioară sau înotătoare) este o clasă de pești osoși care cuprinde majoritatea (96%) peștilor actuali. Denumirea provine de la prezența radiilor osoase sau cartilaginoase ce susțin înotătoarele perechi, dispuse ca niște ...

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    Film criticism is the analysis and evaluation of films. In general, these works can be divided into two categories: academic criticism by film scholars and journalistic film criticism that appears regularly in newspapers and other media. Film critics working for newspapers, magazines, and broadcast media mainly review new releases. Normally ...

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    Aug 28, 2019 · беларуская: Прамянёвапёрыя рыбы čeština: Paprskoploutví Deutsch: Strahlenflosser English: Ray-finned Fishes Esperanto: Aktinopterigoj ...

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    Os Actinopterygii ou actinopterígeos (do grego aktis, raio + pteryx, nadadeira; asa) são uma classe de peixes com nadadeiras suportadas por "raios" ou lepidotríquias, esqueleto interno tipicamente calcificado e aberturas branquiais protegidas por um opérculo ósseo.

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    The most diverse group of fish The ray-finned fishes (actinopterygians) are the largest group of living fishes and compose half of the living vertebrates. There are around 42 orders, 431 families and nearly 24,000 species. Almost all fish that you see belong to this class of fish. The most notable exceptions include lampreys, hagfish, lungfish, and coelocanths. Ray-finned fish have several ...