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    • Jane Webb on The Brady Kids (1972) Believe it or not, this story begins with The Brady Bunch – specifically The Brady Kids, the animated spinoff to the sitcom that had the siblings going on magical adventures with talking animal characters.
    • Cathy Lee Crosby in Wonder Woman (1974) Carter also wasn’t the first live-action Wonder Woman. A 1967 pilot, titled Who’s Afraid of Diana Prince? , had Ellie Wood Walker playing the title character, who’d turn into Planet of the Apes star Linda Harrison to become Wonder Woman.
    • Lucy Lawless in Justice League: The New Frontier (2008) Wonder Woman, voiced by Susan Eisenberg, persisted as a character on the Justice League animated series for years, but it wasn’t until all the way in 2008 when a household name played the character again: Lucy Lawless.
    • Keri Russell in Wonder Woman (2009) Years before she played a Soviet agent on The Americans, Russell honed her tough girl voice as Wonder Woman in a 2009 animated movie – her first feature-length solo adventure in years.
  1. stunt performer (as Wonder Women) Lateef Crowder ... stunts Jason Curle ... stunt performer Danielle da Costa ... stunts Nicholas Daines ... stunt performer Wayne Dalglish ... stunt coordinator Bill Davey ... stunts Andrius Davidenas ... stunt performer Tim Davies ...

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    • Wonder Woman, the great heroine of DC. In Marvel things may be somewhat more distributed (or diffuse) but in DC Comics there is a heroine par excellence and there is no possible discussion.
    • Actresses who have played Wonder Woman. Many are surprised when they know all the actresses who have come to give life to the character of DC and is that, between the fact that some projects were not successful and that we have been with the fantastic Gal Galot in mind for a long time, you can not imagine how many women have dressed in the uniform of the Amazon.
    • Ellie wood walker. The first Wonder Woman, no more, no less. Taking advantage of the pull that Batman (1966) was having, producer William Dozier decided to make a short film in the hope that Warner Brothers would like it and would be encouraged to produce a pilot episode of a series about Wonder Woman.
    • Cathy Lee Crosby. The second attempt at having a Wonder Woman on screen came from the hand of Cathy Lee Crosby, who continued to sport her blonde hair when filming the pilot for a TV series based on the superheroine.
  3. Sep 25, 2017 · Cathy Lee Crosby. Wonder Woman first appeared on live-action TV in 1974, in a made-for-TV movie called “Wonder Woman,” starring Cathy Lee Crosby. She didn’t wear the traditional comics uniform, though at one point she sports a red, white and blue outfit.

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    • Ellie Wood Walker/Linda Harrison. Who's Afraid of Diana Prince was a proposed TV series back in 1967, for which a...
    • Jane Webb. The first animated version of Wonder Woman — actually the first filmed version that the audience ever saw —...
    • Shannon Farnon/Connie Caulfield. One of the biggest...
    • Rica Matsumoto.
  4. Nasty Woman (Tea Shop) Rhonda Overby ... Passing Reporter: Lambro Demetriou ... Max (8 Years Old) Jonny Barry ... Max (15 Years Old) Luis Torrecilla ... Max's Father: Sarah Barlondo ... Max's Mother: Matt Costello ... Max's Driver: Evan Bittner ... Photographer: Archie L. Harris Jr.

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