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  2. What’s My Rash? Pictures And Descriptions Of 21 Rash Types
    • Cellulitis. [caption: Attribution: Courtesy Colm Anderson via Wikimedia Commons, CC BY-SA 2.5] Cellulitis is an infection caused by a bacteria, typically streptococcus or staphylococcus, entering through a crack or break in your skin.
    • Chickenpox. Chickenpox is a virus that causes itchy, red, fluid-filled blisters all over the body accompanied by a fever, body aches, a sore throat, and loss of appetite 10 to 21 days after exposure to the virus.
    • Contact Dermatitis. Contact dermatitis is a rash that appears within a few hours to a few days after your skin comes into contact with an allergen or irritant.
    • Diaper Rash. A diaper rash is a common form of inflamed skin that occurs on areas of the body which are in contact with a diaper. The skin may look wet, red, or irritated and may feel warm to the touch.
  3. Picture of Morbilliform Drug Eruption Drug hypersensitivity reaction. Morbilliform rash on the trunk occuring 1 week after the administration of a systemic cephalosporin.

  4. Skin rash: Causes, 68 pictures of symptoms, and treatments
    • Bites and stings. Many insects can cause a rash through a bite or sting. Although the reaction will vary depending on the person and the animal, symptoms often include
    • Flea bites. Fleas are tiny jumping insects that can live in fabrics within the home. They have a very fast breeding cycle and can take over a home very rapidly.
    • Fifth disease. Also known as erythema infectiosum and slapped cheek syndrome, fifth disease is caused by the parvovirus B19. One of the symptoms is a rash, which appears in three stages
    • Impetigo. Impetigo is a highly contagious skin infection that most commonly affects children. The first sign is normally a patch of red, itchy skin.
  5. What is a Morbilliform Rash? (with pictures)
    • Signs and symptoms
    • Cause
    • Diagnosis
    • Treatment

    Morbilliform rash, or \\"measles-like\\" maculopapular skin eruption, is commonly caused by certain drug reactions or viral diseases. Maculopapular rashes are skin eruptions that exhibit both the characteristics of a macule and papule. Macules are small, circumscribed and discolored spots on the skin. The diameter of a macule is not more than .4 inches (10 mm). Papules, on the other hand, are eruptions on the skin, which can look something like a pimple. Morbilliform rashes, therefore, are raised, discolored spots that spread symmetrically across the body.

    These rashes may occur due to bacterial infections, drug reactions, and specific or non-specific viral exanthems, also known as viral rashes. A viral exanthem is non-specific if there is no exact information on the virus that has caused the rash. In such a case, the clinician identifies the presence of the virus that is likely to have caused the rash. Morbilliform rash is a \\"late drug rash.\\" It appears on the skin of the affected individual after one to two weeks of exposure to drugs, such as antibiotics or barbiturates. Drug-caused rashes of this kind are usually associated with penicillin, cephalosporins, sulphonamides, and anticonvulsants. Morbilliform rashes often occur in children affected by viral diseases such as measles, Rubella, Roseola, and Erythema infectiosum. In adults, these rashes are usually non-specific viral rashes. This type of rash is also frequently seen in patients who administer ampicillin for the treatment of mononucleosis caused by Epstein-Barr virus or cytomegalovirus. People with human immunodeficiency virus (HIV) tend to develop an acute morbilliform rash when treated with sulfa drugs.

    This rash can also appear as a consequence of certain viral diseases. If antibiotics have been started for the patient during the early stages of the viral disease, then the appearance of a morbilliform rash may lead to confusion in diagnosis. Once a drug-induced morbilliform rash is diagnosed, the doctor may ask the patient to discontinue the use of a particular drug.

    Usually, oral antihistamines or topical corticosteroids are prescribed for treating these types of rashes. Oral corticosteroids are avoided, as there are chances of the rash to worsen during the steroid therapy, which may lead to the wrong diagnosis. A drug-induced morbilliform rash will usually subside within almost two weeks after the discontinuation of the particular drug. When this type of rash heals, the affected skin sheds or peels, which is also known as skin desquamation.

  6. Morbilliform rash Pictures, Definition, Symptoms, Causes ...

    The rash appears as rounded about 2 to 10 mm in diameter macular lesions. The rash is confluent in places. Morbilliform rash is a symptom of many diseases like Kawasaki disease, meningococcal petechiae, water house Friderichsen syndrome, dengue, rubella, and syphilis and echo virus. Morbilliform rash is a type of maculopapular rash.

  7. Dec 24, 2018 · Pictures of Maculopapular Rash. Picture 1: ... The morbilliform rash can be seen on the trunks and arms [5]. ... Acute graft-versus-host disease (stem cell or bone ...

    • What Is Maculopapular Rash?
      Maculopapular rash is a compound word composed of the words “macule” and “papule.”A macule is a flat blemish or discoloration that measures less th...
    • Pictures of Maculopapular Rash
      Picture 1: Maculopapular Rash on the back of a 14 month old girl and probably an exacerbation of Ebstein Barr Virus infectionPhoto Source: pediatri...
    • Differential Diagnosis of Maculopapular Rash
      Maculopapular rash may be mistakenly called macule, papule, patch, nodule, plaque, vesicle, or pustule. To differentiate these skin lesions from ea...
    • Maculopapular Rash Treatment
      If maculopapular rash is caused by drugs, discontinue using it unless its benefits outweigh the risks. For patients who have penicillin allergy, av...
  8. Slide show: Common skin rashes - Mayo Clinic

    Sep 28, 2019 · See pictures of common skin rashes that can occur due to a variety of factors, including infections, heat, allergens and medications. COVID-19: What you need to know Vaccine updates, safe care and visitor guidelines, and trusted coronavirus information

  9. Maculopapular Rashes Causes (With Pictures)

    Dec 03, 2017 · Rubella Rash Images. Pic 4: Rubella rash Photo Source: Pic 5: Rubella rash Photo Source: Pic 6: Rubella rash on the back Picture Source: Rash due to Erythema infectiosum. The name itself gives out the idea of the condition. A viral group called as Parvovirus is the causative organism ...

    • Difference Between Macules and Papules
      Macules are lesions that have change in colour, but not elevated or depressed from the rest of the skin surface [1]. They measure less than 10mm in...
    • Measles/ First Disease/ Rubeola
      A viral infection causing the most common rashes in children is Measles. It is a very contagious infection that spreads through the respiratory tra...
    • Rash Due to Erythema Infectiosum
      The name itself gives out the idea of the condition. A viral group called as Parvovirus is the causative organism for this disease. Erythema which...
    • Infectious Mononucleosis/Mono
      Infectious mononucleosis is caused by Human Herpes Virus 4, more commonly known as Ebstein-Barr virus. The spread of infection is through respirato...
    • Enteric Fever/ Typhoid Fever
      Contaminated food and water has always been a breeding point for Enteric fever [24, 25]. The organisms Salmonella typhi and paratyphi are those tha...
    • Systemic Lupus Erythematosis (SLE)
      Everyone knows that our body is protected by our own defense mechanism. But Imagine what would happen if that defense mechanism turns against our o...
    • Rocky Mountain Spotted Fever
      Rickettsia rickettsii an organism that is transmitted by ticks causes Rocky Mountain Spotted Fever. The disease is due to vasculitis as a result of...
    • Hand-Foot-And-Mouth- Disease (HFMD)
      HFMD is a viral disease which is highly infectious and seen mostly in children below the age of 10 years. Usually it is transmitted from already in...
  10. Aug 13, 2018 · The rash is often reddish and itchy with a scaly texture. Psoriasis is a common skin condition that can cause a scaly, itchy, red rash to form along the scalp, elbows, and joints.

  11. Acute generalised exanthematous pustulosis | DermNet NZ

    Treatment is then based around relieving symptoms with moisturisers, topical corticosteroids, oral antihistamines, and analgesics until the rash resolves. Systemic therapy is rarely indicated. What is the outcome for acute generalised exanthematous pustulosis? The rash of AGEP peels off and resolves spontaneously in about 10 days.

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