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    The album was released on July 10, 2020, with 21 songs and 5 singles that Higgins' estate claims "best represents the music Juice was in the process of creating". The album debuted at number one on the Billboard 200 with 497,000 album-equivalent units.

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  2. Tech Wiki - PB110 : Datsun 1200 Club › index › PB110
    • Overview
    • Coupe
    • Sedan
    • Trim Levels: DX, GL and GX
    • Features
    • Engine
    • Interior
    • How Different from B110
    • Racing
    • Brochures and Advertising

    Our beloved "Datsun 1200" is Nissan body code B110, equipped with the 1200cc A12 pushrod engine. This is also known as the Datsun Sunny 1200. In Japan however, there was an upscale derivative of the B110, the Sunny Excellent -- body code PB110. The P apparently stands for "bigger engine". Yes, the Excellent was fitted with the L-series Overhead Cam (OHC) engine, the same type of engine fitted to the bigger Datsun vehicles. Album click to view brochure Sunny Excellent PB110 was offered in two body styles: Album click to view Album click to view PB110 has Unique front, but same rear except taillights & badges Notice the unique grille. The hood and fenders are also slightly modified in the front area (see Differences section below). Album click to view Album click to view This factory brochure shows both vehicles (Comparo) Sunny 1200 (left) and Sunny Excellent 1400 (right) Album click to view Sunny 1400 - The writing before 1400 says "Coupe" (Kuu-pe) Album click to view Sunny Excellent...

    Customized Album click to view Album click to view Notice the unique tail lights. GX comes with 'blackout' rear panel Album click to view Post click for topic

    Only a 4-door was offered in the 1400 series -- no 2-door sedans were made. Sunny 1400 4-dr sedan with aftermarket minilite-style wheels Album click to view

    This outlines the various trim levels the Coupe was available in: GX, GL and DX. The writing above '1400' phonetically spells out the english word "Excellent" in japanese katakana writing: e-ku-se-re-n-to. Album click to view The same trim levels were offered for the Coupe and for the 4-door Sedan: Album click to view From left to right: 1200GX, 1200GL, 1200DX, 1200 Semi-DX & 1200 STD, 1400GX, 1400GL, 1400DX. Compare to Australia and USA where only one trim level was offered: a customized version of the 1200 DX. Album click to view

    Wheel and Tire

    As with all B110, the PB110 Excellent used 12" tires. 1971 options: Album click to view 1. blackwall 2. dual-stripe whitewall 3. wide-stripe whitewall with optional hubcap regular hupcap Album click to view Notice the unique GL and DX hubcaps, which are different from the B110 wheel covers of the same trim level.

    The Sunny Excellent PB110 was fitted with 1400cc L14 engine, a smaller-displacement version of the L16 fitted to the Datsun 1600. This is an overhead camᵂengine. Both a single carb and dual-carb engine was available. Top speed was 155kmh, up 5km from the Datsun 1200. DX and GL models had a single-carb engine, while the GX had dual sidedraft carburetors (GX originally meant GL with Twin Carbs). Album click to view non-GX 85 hp single carb L14 engine Album click to view Album click to view GX engine with Twin Hitachi carburetors 1972 Orange air cleaner | 1971 Blue air cleaner Album click to view Post click for topic L14 engine with aftermarket dual sidedraft carburetors | (Mikuni PHH) Album click to view Album click to view

    1971 Excellent GX also has standard 1971 B110 dashboard, with woodgrain trim Album click to view 1972 (Facelift) Excellent 4-dr sedan Interior Album click to view Notice the upmarket seats, the (aftermarket) steering wheel, and 1972 dashboard

    How different is the PB110 from B110? Discussion: POSTPB110 (Sunny Excellent) vs. B110 (Sunny) So the engine does not appear to be farther forward, but actually as far back as in B110. Being "set back" a little compared to the front wheels may have contributed to good handling even though the L14 engine is much heavier than A12 engine. The extra 40 mm is probably used for the slight length difference of the L14 and the extra thickness of the 510-type radiator. In front of the radiator core support and bonnet sticks out about 5 inches longer than B110. 40mm in the wheelbase, and 130mm in the nose. Post click for topic The extra length is all forward of the windshield: Album click to view Fenders appear to be same length & height, but 1400 wheel arch is slightly larger and doesn't go as far forward. 1400 Album click to view 1200 Album click to view Fenders use corner lamps Album click to view Album click to view Album click to view Front Apronpanel 1200 Apron Album click to view 1400...

    The racing PB110s included this Coupe (KPB110) with the Nissan works competition LZ engineLZ14 DOHC four-valve engine: KPB110 #9 with LZ14 Engine Takamiti Shinohara (篠原 孝道) rented LZ14 for the semi-Works Omori team for "1973 Japan Grand Prix" -- if I translate correct Wikipedia Japan article Sunny 1400 Coupe race car at Advan Historics Album click to view

    Japan document showing the Datsun brand was used for the Sunny Excellent (notice first line "Datsun Sunny"):

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    Vitiligo is a long-term skin condition characterized by patches of the skin losing their pigment. The patches of skin affected become white and usually have sharp margins. The hair from the skin may also become white. The inside of the mouth and nose may also be involved. Typically both sides of the body are affected.

  4. Tech Wiki - Datsun History : Datsun 1200 Club › mediawiki › index

    Datsun History. The Datsun brand of cars came out of the merger of two early Japan car companies, DAT Automobile Co. and Jitsuyo Automobile Co. This new company DAT Automobile Manufacturing Co. eventually created the Datsun brand. Shortly after the first Datsun was produced in 1931, the fledgling Nippon Sangyo holding company, desiring to enter ...

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    WDFN. /  42.11083°N 83.19778°W  / 42.11083; -83.19778. WDFN (1130 AM) is a radio station in Detroit. Owned by iHeartMedia, it broadcasts an all-news radio format under iHeartMedia's Black Information Network, targeting Detroit's African American community. Its studios are located in the Detroit suburb of Farmington Hills, while its ...

  6. Tech Wiki - SR engine swap : Datsun 1200 Club › mediawiki › index
    • Overview
    • Which Is Better - CA Or SR?
    • Swap Overview
    • RWD vs. FWD Block
    • Crossmember
    • Transmissions
    • Sources
    • Identification
    • Ignition
    • Speedometer

    Album click to view 1. SR16VE is a hot one (NEO VVL), but small displacement means it is better for parts to make a hot SR20 2. 16VE N1 Autech was 200 HP stock with with 8600 RPM redline 3. SR18Di was made for a while (1990-1993), but has less HP than the lighter GA16DE engine -- see GA Engine Swap 4. SR18DE made 125HP, but is much heavier and bulkier than CA18DE 131 HP 5. SR20Di only 122 HP (single-point Fuel Injection aka TBI) 6. SR20De is low emissions version 7. SR20DE from 140 to 169 HP 8. SR20VE has NEO VVL variable camshaft timing and lift (Nissan VVL). Unfortunately it was only available in FWD vehicles 9. SR20VET has the most HP (280HP) and was available only in the X-trail GT 10. SR20DET from 205 to 250 HP NeoVVL 1200 Coupe Album click to view Album click to view Album click to view Album click to view Album click to view Album click to view

    CA18DET = street legal in all States
    SR20DET = not street legal in a 1200 in Australia. A bit newer, a bit more power, heaps more parts globally, many more of these engines, so more parts for a long time

    This is one way to swap an SR20DE into a 1200 -- and is easier than most ways. 1. Stock SR20DE from Silvia S13 (RWD), get complete with wiring and 5-speed 2. Find the 5 wires needed to run the engine and connect them to the 1200 wiring system 3. Stumpy5-speed, swap front case with SR 5-speed front case 4. Stock 1200 auto driveshaft(unmodified) 5. Create Gearbox Mount suitable for Stumpy 6. Cut the stock 1200 crossmemberuprights, weld flat plates at an engle to it. Drill a hole for the Silvia engine mounts 7. Fit a large B310 radiator or other similar shaped radiator 8. Modify/find radiator hoses and water outlet to suit 9. Fit exhaust (welding, tube bending, etc) 10. Fit 5/16" medium pressure EFI fuel hoses and EFI fuel pump 11. No need for tank baffling or swirl pot (surge tank) -- if you keep the tank above 1/4 filled 12. Use skinny tires with stock 1200 diff, or fit a 1200 Ute diff (H165) for more spirited driving. Swap in an H190 rear axle assembly for hard driving. If your gove...

    FWD generally has the distributor at the back of the cylinder head, while RWD has it on the front. To install a FWD SR in a 1200: 1. Make transmission adapter or modify block or modify transmission. AND 1. Cut a hole in the firewall so that the distributor can fit OR 1. Remove distributor and convert to a Crank Triggerignition RWD vs FWD bolt pattern plate 30411-52F00 | 1992 Nissan B13 AWD Bluebird Album click to view Album click to view Album click to view

    SR can use the same mounts as L-series or Z-series or KA-series. So treat the crossmember like any L-series swap.

    Japan Market S15 came with 5-speed FS5W71C. Optional was 6-speed FS6R92A or Automatic.
    Japan Market S13/S14 with SR20 came with FS5W71C.

    Japan Market RWD

    Vanette is similar to the FWD SRs in that the distributor is on the back on the cylinder head, and the Throttle Body is pointing back. Because the engine is mounted under the floor, there is no firewall to foul on.

    Japan Market North-South

    North-south (horizontally-mounted) engines typically have:

    North America

    All FWD - distributor on back of head, no Variable Valve Timing

    S13 underslung plenum | S14/S15 top plenum S13 SR20DE (distributor) Album click to view RWD SR20DET (4 coils and front CAS) S13 1994–1998 Red Top SR20DET (no plug wires) aftermarket top-mount turbo manifold Album click to view S13 1994–1998 Red Top SR20DET COP, no VVT S13 1994–1998 Black Top S14/S15 1994–2002 Black Top S14 SR20DE - JDM cam bulge (CVT variable valve timing) S14 SR20DET - cam bulge w/twin sloping cam cover COP ignition - no plug wires Album click to view S15 SR20DE - plug wires & distributor Same as S14 S15 SR20DET - COP (no distributor) twin slope-cover Same as S14


    SR20 CAS vs SR20 CAS/Distributor S13 distributor is on head, left side at front. CAS is inside distributor Album click to view S13 DET COP: four coils on top of engine (no distributor). CAS is on head left side at front Album click to view


    FWD SR20DET Bluebird U13 - distributor at back of cylinder head WIKI go to Wikipedia SR20 FWD distributor short type (RWD is long type)

    The 71-series gearbox speedometer drive works with the 1200 speedometer cable. If you need a longer cable, the Datsun 810 (200B) cable fits. If the gearbox has an electronic sender for electronic speedometer, you can unbolt it and bolt in cable drive: Cable drive (obtain from any 71C gearbox) Silvia engines do not need the electronic speedometer signal. If it is installed, it can be used for overrun fuel-cut (increased fuel economy) plus the Silvia gauge clustercan be fitted to the 1200 dash.

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    Ad Astra Radio: AD ASTRA PER ASPERA BROADCASTING, INC. ... 1400: Local Full Service: EMPORIA'S RADIO STATIONS, INC. Public File KVOE Ownership: ... Album Rock K-Rock ...

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    Disques Adès. - 1953: Lucien Adès owns a bookstore in Paris, France where he sold his first read-along record album dedicated to the children's literature. In the same breath of his success, he sold his bookstore and created the Disque Adès / Le Petit Menestrel label also named as Les Disques Lucien Adès; Adès Éditions for the legal group.

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    Another Doorstopper is seen later, this time a guide for the "~ATH" programming language. More doorstoppers appear in a Show Within a Show Within A Show "Complacency of the Learned". "Complacency" itself is a doorstopper series, and a stack of six books is half the height of Roxy's sprite or roughly half a meter. While in those books, Frigglish ...

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    Mar 24, 2012 · The musical record was written about 1400 BC in the cuneiform script of the Hurrian language. There is something amazing to me about the fact that humans can record something as ephemeral as a tune and transmit that information using only clay tablets across the violent, tumultuous distance of 3400 years.

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