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    The moral concordances of St. Anthony of Padua (1856). Translated by English Anglican scholar John Mason Neale (1818–1866). Anwari. Anwari (1126–1189), full name Awhad ad-Din 'Ali ibn Mohammad Khavarani, was a Persian poet at the court of the Seljuk dynasty. Two kasídahs of the Persian poet Anwari (1872).

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    Windsor Carol Book, manuscript of music and carols for Holy Week, probably written for St George's Chapel at Windsor Castle, (1430-1444 AD) The Book of Margery Kempe , the earliest surviving autobiography in the English language, (1436 AD)

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    1430 The whole of Macedonia was conquered by the Ottomans. [ citation needed ] 1443, the Ottoman army was defeated, at the Serbian town of Niš, by a crusade under a multi-national leadership which included the Hungarian hero János Hunyadi.

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    The octave of Allhallowtide, lasting "eight days was established by Pope Sixtus IV in 1430 for the whole Western Church." The octave, however was eliminated in the 1955 reforms of the Catholic Church, although it continues to be observed by many Anglicans.

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    At St. George's Island, residents were briefly left without electricity and telephones and the causeway linking St. George's Island to the main island was inundated. Next, it resumed weakened and was downgraded to a Category 1 late on September 13.

    • June 2, 1964
    • 13
    • November 10, 1964
    • Cleo
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    St Clement Danes: Post: 1558 1615 Stepney: 1325 1342 Stepney Ratcliffe 1713 1713 St George Hanover Square: 1675 1675 1675, later moved to Mill Hill Place St George Hanover Square Mill Hill Place St George Hanover Square St George's Hospital: Hollow post: Mid-18th century Mid-18th century St James's: Tower: 1658

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    Apr 16, 2015 - MEDIEVAL MANUSCRIPTS OF OLD. See more ideas about medieval manuscript, medieval, medieval dragon.

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    Fraternal orders are orders of chivalry that were formed ad-hoc for a certain enterprise: The Compagnie of the Black Swan , founded by 3 princes and 11 knights in Savoy (1350) The Corps et Ordre du Tiercelet , founded by the vicomte de Thouars and 17 barons in Poitou (1377–1385)

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    Mar 26, 2020 · “Saint George was venerated by the Templars who modeled themselves after him. Of course, a great deal of esoteric symbolism is involved in the story of St. George and his adventures with females and dragons. Wherever the red cross is found, either on Templar emblems or images of St. George, the reference is to blood.

  10. Equated to being “the worst Prison in the Nation” in 1722, the Marshalsea Prison was erected when “the good men of the town of Suthwerk” were granted permission in 1373 “to build in the high street leading from the church of St. Margaret towards the south, a house, 40 feet long and 30 feet wide, in which to . . . keep the prisoners of the Marshalsea . . . .”

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