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    Saint Kitts, officially the Saint Christopher Island, is an island in the West Indies. The west side of the island borders the Caribbean Sea, and the eastern coast faces the Atlantic Ocean . Saint Kitts and the neighbouring island of Nevis constitute one country: the Federation of Saint Kitts and Nevis .

  2. Un libro electrónico, [1] libro digital o ciberlibro, conocido en inglés como e-book o eBook, es la publicación electrónica o digital de un libro.Es importante diferenciar el libro electrónico o digital de uno de los dispositivos más popularizados para su lectura: el lector de libros electrónicos, o e-reader, en su versión inglesa.

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    Asilah (Berber languages: Aẓila; Arabic: أزيلا or أصيلة; Portuguese: Arzila; Spanish: Arcila) is a fortified town on the northwest tip of the Atlantic coast of Morocco, about 31 km (19 mi) south of Tangier. Its ramparts and gateworks remain fully intact.

  4. When the Dutch arrived in 1623, they found about 1,500 Chinese visitors and residents. Most of them were engaged in seasonal fishing, hunting, and trading. The population fluctuated throughout the year peaking during winter. A small minority brought Chinese plants with them and grew crops such as apples, oranges, bananas, watermelons.

  5. Earliest extant map of the Nile, in al-Khwārazmī's Kitāb ṣūrat al- arḍ A stamp issued 6 September 1983 in the Soviet Union , commemorating al-Khwārizmī's (approximate) 1200th birthday. Al-Khwārizmī's third major work is his Kitāb Ṣūrat al-Arḍ ( Arabic : كتاب صورة الأرض , "Book of the Description of the Earth ...

  6. Saint Kitts and Nevis is a twin-island federation whose economy is characterised by its dominant tourism, agriculture, and light manufacturing industries. Sugar was the primary export from the 1940s on, but rising production costs, low world market prices, and the government's efforts to reduce dependence on it have led to a growing ...

  7. 1125–1104 BC), who ruled more than five centuries before Nebuchadnezzar II's time. Like Nebuchadnezzar II, Nebuchadnezzar I was a renowned warrior-king, who appeared in a time of political upheaval and defeated the forces of Babylon's enemies, in Nebuchadnezzar I's case the Elamites.

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