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    1712 (MDCCXII) was a leap year starting on Friday of the Gregorian calendar and a leap year starting on Tuesday of the Julian calendar, the 1712th year of the Common Era (CE) and Anno Domini (AD) designations, the 712th year of the 2nd millennium, the 12th year of the 18th century, and the 3rd year of the 1710s decade.

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    1. January – Cary's Rebellion: The Lords Proprietor appoint Edward Hyde to replace Thomas Cary, as the governor of the North Carolina portion of the Province of Carolina. Hyde's policies are deemed hostile to Quakerinterests, leading former governor Cary and his Quaker allies to take up arms against the province. 2. January 24 – The first performance of Francesco Gasparini's most famous opera Tamerlano takes place at the Teatro San Cassiano in Venice. 3. February – French settlers at Fort Lou...


    1. April 3 – Clipperton Islandis rediscovered by Frenchmen Martin de Chassiron and Michel Du Bocage, who draw up the first map and claim the island for France. The island had been discovered by Alvaro Saavedra Cedrón in 1528. 2. April 5 (Easter Sunday) – The central tower of Elgin Cathedralin northeast Scotland collapses. 3. April 13 – The Treaty of the Lutsk, a secret agreement between the Tsardom of Russia and the Ottoman Protectorate of Moldavia is signed in Lutsk, Poland-Lithuania(modern-...


    1. July – Cary's Rebellion: Lieutenant Governor Alexander Spotswood of Virginia dispatches a company of Royal Marines to assist Governor Hyde. After hearing of this, Cary's troops abandon all of their fortifications along the Pamlico River. Cary and many of his supporters are soon caught and sent to England as prisoners, ending Cary's Rebellion. 2. July 11 – The town of São Paulo, Brazil, is elevated to city status. 3. July 21 – The Treaty of the Pruth is signed between the Ottoman Empire and...


    1. January 1 – Baron Franz von der Trenck, Austrian noble (d. 1749) 2. January 3 2.1. Charles Moss, British bishop of Bath and Wells (d. 1802) 2.2. Giuseppe Capece Zurlo, Italian cardinal who served as Archbishop of Naples (d. 1801) 3. January 12 – Gaetano Latilla, Italian opera composer (d. 1788) 4. January 15 – Sidonia Hedwig Zäunemann, German poet (d. 1740) 5. January 22 – Johann Phillip Fabricius, German missionary (d. 1791) 6. January 28 – Johan Hörner, Swedish-born Danish portrait paint...


    1. April 2 – Job Baster, Dutch naturalist (d. 1775) 2. April 3 – Hartwig Karl von Wartenberg, Royal Prussian major general (d. 1757) 3. April 10 – John Gambold, British bishop (d. 1771) 4. April 13 – John Mitchell, colonial American physician and botanist (d. 1768) 5. April 14 – Lord John Murray, British general and politician (d. 1787) 6. April 22 6.1. Paul II Anton, Prince Esterházy (d. 1762) 6.2. Eleazar Wheelock, American President of Dartmouth College (d. 1779) 7. April 26 7.1. Jeanne-Ma...


    1. July 10 – Princess Amelia of Great Britain, Second daughter of George II of Great Britain (d. 1786) 2. July 11 – Anne Poulett, British politician (d. 1785) 3. July 18 – John Olmius, 1st Baron Waltham, of Ireland (d. 1762) 4. July 22 – Georg Wilhelm Richmann, German physicist (d. 1753) 5. July 24 – Richard FitzWilliam, 6th Viscount FitzWilliam (d. 1776) 6. July 26 6.1. Lorenz Christoph Mizler, German music historian, polymath (d. 1778) 6.2. Jacques Hardouin-Mansart de Sagonne, French archit...

    January 6 – Philips van Almonde, Dutch admiral (b. 1646)
    January 16 – Blessed Joseph Vaz, Apostle of Ceylon (b. 1651)
    January 10 – John Manners, 1st Duke of Rutland, English nobleman and politician (b. 1638)
    January 21 – Augustinus Terwesten, 18th century painter from the Northern Netherlands (b. 1649)
    April 14 – Louis, Grand Dauphin, son of Louis XIV of France (b. 1661)
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    1712 () adalah tahun kabisat yang diawali hari Jumat dalam kalender Gregorian dan tahun kabisat yang diawali hari Selasa dalam kalender Julian, tahun ke-1712 dalam sebutan Masehi (CE) dan Anno Domini (AD), tahun ke-712 pada Milenium ke-2, tahun ke-12 pada Abad ke-18, dan tahun ke- 3 pada dekade 1710-an.

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    This list of kings and queens of the Kingdom of England begins with Alfred the Great, who initially ruled Wessex, one of the seven Anglo-Saxon kingdoms which later made up modern England. Alfred styled himself King of the Anglo-Saxons from about 886, and while he was not the first king to claim to rule all of the English, his rule represents ...

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    1712 () inggih punika warsa kabisat sané katutug rahina Sukra ring kaléndér Grégorian lan warsa kabisat sané katutug rahina Anggara ring kaléndér Julian, warsa ka-1712 ring kaucapang Masehi (M) miwah Anno Domini (AD), warsa ka-712 ring Milenium ka-2, warsa ka-12 ring Abad ka-18, miwah warsa ka- 3 ring dékade 1710-an.

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    1700 (MDCC) was an exceptional common year starting on Friday of the Gregorian calendar and a leap year starting on Monday of the Julian calendar, the 1700th year of the Common Era (CE) and Anno Domini (AD) designations, the 700th year of the 2nd millennium, the 100th and last year of the 17th century, and the 1st year of the 1700s decade.

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    • Events
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    January– March

    1. January 10 – Shah Alam II, the Mughal Emperor of India, makes a triumphant return to Delhi15 years after having been forced to flee. 2. January 17 – Johann Friedrich Struensee and Queen Caroline Matilda are arrested, leading to his execution and her banishment from Denmark. 3. February 12 3.1. Breton-French explorer Yves-Joseph de Kerguelen-Trémarec discovers the uninhabited Kerguelen Islandsin the Southern Indian Ocean. 3.2. The Virginia Assembly amends an act to describe the punishments...

    April –June

    1. April 8 – Massachusetts legislator Samuel Adamspersuades his colleagues to approve his plan for creating a Committee of Correspondence to begin a dialogue with the other American colonies concerning mutual problems with the United Kingdom. 2. April 13 – Warren Hastings begins his service for the British East India Company as Governor of Bengal, arriving at the company's headquarters at Fort William, outside of Calcutta, and including what are now parts of northeast India and Bangladesh.Has...


    1. July 13 – The second voyage of James Cook departs from Plymouth on Captain Cook's new ship, HMS Resolution and the companion ship HMS Adventure in an attempt to prove the existence of an uncharted continent even further south than New Zealand. 2. August 5 – The first Partition of the Polish–Lithuanian Commonwealth begins. The Kingdom of Galicia and Lodomeria becomes part of the crown lands of the Habsburg Monarchy. 3. August 12 – The volcano Mount Papandayan in West Javaerupts and partiall...

    January 20 – Angélique Brûlon, French soldier, first female Knight of the French Legion of Honour (d. 1859)
    January 30 – Godfrey Higgins, British archaeologist (d. 1833)
    February 24 – William H. Crawford, American politician, judge (d. 1834)
    March 10 – Friedrich von Schlegel, German poet (d. 1829)
    February 4 – Princess Victoria Charlotte of Anhalt-Zeitz-Hoym, Margravine of Brandenburg-Bayreuth (b. 1715)
    February 8 – Princess Augusta of Saxe-Gotha, Princess of Wales (b. 1719)
    February 11 – Caterina Sagredo Barbarigo, Venetian aristocrat and salon holder (b. 1715)
    February 18 – Count Johann Hartwig Ernst von Bernstorff, Danish statesman (b. 1712)

    John Blair; J. Willoughby Rosse (1856). "1772". Blair's Chronological Tables. London: H.G. Bohn– via Hathi Trust.

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    The Story of Civilization. The series was written over a span of four decades. It totals four million words across nearly 10,000 pages, with two further books in production at the time of the authors' deaths. In the first volume ( Our Oriental Heritage, which covers the history of the Middle East and Orient to 1933), Will Durant stated that he ...

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    Pope Pius V was beatified by Pope Clement X in the year 1672, and was later canonized by Pope Clement XI (1700–21) on 22 May 1712. [30] [31] In the following year, 1713, his feast day was inserted in the General Roman Calendar, for celebration on 5 May, with the rank of "Double", the equivalent of "Third-Class Feast" in the General Roman ...

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