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    : 69 While in Monte Cristo, Trump was elected in 1896 as justice of the peace by a 32-to-5 margin. [3] : 71 Years of mining had revealed that there was not nearly as much gold and silver in Monte Cristo as had once been believed, [3] : 68 and in August 1894, Rockefeller pulled out of most of his investment in the area, creating the "Everett bubble burst."

    • Barber and operator of restaurants and brothels
    • Elizabeth, Fred, John
  2. Solid South - Wikipedia › wiki › Solid_South

    The 1896 election resulted in the first break in the Solid South. Florida politician Marion L. Dawson, writing in the North American Review, observed: "The victorious party not only held in line those States which are usually relied upon to give Republican majorities ...

  3. List of nicknames of presidents of the United States - Wikipedia › wiki › List_of_nicknames_of

    Full name: Donald John Trump The Donald since his first wife Ivana Trump referred to him as such in a 1989 Spy magazine cover story.; 45, the 45, and similar names, referencing his being the 45th president, and his penchant for wearing monogrammed "45" apparel.

  4. 2020 United States presidential election in Ohio - Wikipedia › wiki › 2020_United_States

    Trump won by nearly the same margin that he defeated Hillary Clinton by in 2016. This marked the first time that Ohio voted for the losing candidate since Richard Nixon in 1960 , and also the second consecutive election in which the state voted over 10 points to the right of the nation as a whole, confirming the state's trend towards the ...

    • 74%
  5. The New York Times - Wikipedia › wiki › The_New_York_Times

    The New York Times (NYT or NY Times) is an American daily newspaper based in New York City with a worldwide readership. Founded in 1851, the Times has since won 130 Pulitzer Prizes (the most of any newspaper), and has long been regarded within the industry as a national "newspaper of record".

    • September 18, 1851; 169 years ago (as New-York Daily Times)
    • A. G. Sulzberger
  6. 2020 United States presidential election in Georgia - Wikipedia › wiki › 2020_United_States

    On the same day, a group of pro-Trump Republicans claimed to cast Georgia's electoral votes for Trump; the fake votes have no legal standing. [91] [92] On January 2, 2021, Trump and Raffensperger spoke for one hour by telephone, during which Trump threatened Raffensperger by saying he was taking "a big risk" by declaring Biden as the victor.

  7. List of people pardoned or granted clemency by the president ... › wiki › List_of_people_pardoned_or

    This is a partial list of people pardoned or granted clemency by the President of the United States.The plenary power to grant a pardon or a reprieve is granted to the president by Article II, Section 2, Clause 1 of the Constitution; the only limits mentioned in the Constitution are that pardons are limited to federal offenses, and that they cannot affect an impeachment process: "The president ...

  8. United States presidential pets - Wikipedia › wiki › United_States_presidential

    United States presidents have often kept pets while in office, or pets have been part of their families. Only James K. Polk, Andrew Johnson, and Donald Trump did not have presidential pets while in office.

  9. 1896: การ์เรต เอ. โฮบาร์ต ... (Donald Trump) 20 มกราคม 2017 20 มกราคม 2021

  10. Paleoconservatism - Wikipedia › wiki › Paleoconservatism

    Paleoconservatism is a political philosophy and variety of conservatism in the United States stressing American nationalism, Christian ethics, regionalism, and traditionalist conservatism. Paleoconservatism's concerns overlap with those of the Old Right that opposed the New Deal in the 1930s and 1940s [1] as well as with paleolibertarianism [2 ...

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