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    1898 (MDCCCXCVIII) was a common year starting on Saturday of the Gregorian calendar and a common year starting on Thursday of the Julian calendar, the 1898th year of the Common Era (CE) and Anno Domini (AD) designations, the 898th year of the 2nd millennium, the 98th year of the 19th century, and the 9th year of the 1890s decade.

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    1898 (MDCCCXCVIII) adalah tahun biasa yang diawali hari Sabtu dalam kalender Gregorian dan tahun biasa yang diawali hari Kamis dalam kalender Julian, tahun ke-1898 dalam sebutan Masehi (CE) dan Anno Domini (AD), tahun ke-898 pada Milenium ke-2, tahun ke-98 pada Abad ke-19, dan tahun ke- 9 pada dekade 1890-an.

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    The basic AIDA model is one of the longest serving hierarchical models, having been in use for more than a century. Using a hierarchical system, such as AIDA, provides the marketer with a detailed understanding of how target audiences change over time, and provides insights as to which types of advertising messages are likely to be more effective at different junctures.

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    Ça s' a passé ciste anêye la Etrevéns a vey avou l' walon eyet l' Walonreye. Olivier Debierre sicrît l' tecse del nute di may.; Ôtès sacwès. A paurti do mwès d' may, lès lwès vont parète è flamind èt è françès.

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    1898 = MDCCCXCVIII. De nostro numerorum Romanorum usu hic legere potes.Ut de numero 1898 legas, vide 1898 (numerus)

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    1898 (MDCCCXCVIII) inggih punika warsa biasa sané katutug rahina Saniscara ring kaléndér Grégorian lan warsa biasa sané katutug rahina Wrespati ring kaléndér Julian, warsa ka-1898 ring kaucapang Masehi (M) lan Anno Domini (AD), warsa ka-898 ring Milenium ka-2, warsa ka-98 ring Abad ka-19, lan warsa ka- 9 ring dékade 1890-an.

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    AD 14 XIV: Korean calendar: 2347: Minguo calendar: 1898 before ROC 民前1898年: Nanakshahi calendar −1454: Seleucid era: 325/326 AG: Thai solar calendar: 556–557: Tibetan calendar: 阴水鸡年 (female Water-Rooster) 140 or −241 or −1013 — to — 阳木狗年 (male Wood-Dog) 141 or −240 or −1012

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    Vicimedia Communia plura habent quae ad Mortui 1898 spectant.: Paginae in categoria "Mortui 1898" Huic categoriae sunt hae 45 paginae ex omnino 45 paginis.

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    Paginae in categoria "1898" Huic categoriae sunt hae 3 paginae ex omnino 3 paginis.

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