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  1. On 7 April 1956, France officially relinquished its protectorate in Morocco. The internationalized city of Tangier was reintegrated with the signing of the Tangier Protocol on 29 October 1956. The abolition of the Spanish protectorate and the recognition of Moroccan independence by Spain were negotiated separately and made final in the Joint ...

  2. As she is chased by four police officers (presumably agents of the Thought Police) wearing black uniforms, protected by riot gear, helmets with visors covering their faces, and armed with large night sticks, she races towards a large screen with the image of a Big Brother-like figure (David Graham, also seen on the telescreens earlier) giving a speech:

  3. A Securitatét meglepte az 1956-os forradalom ( Az 1956-os forradalom leverése a Nyílt Társadalom Archívumában ( A forradalom eseményei napról napra interaktív grafika Népszabadság Online; Mihályi Balázs: 55 éve rontott ránk a Vörös Hadsereg (Magyar Hírlap, 2011. november 4.) Dokumentumfilmek:

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