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  1. An ad is a commercial or a print promotion for some product or service. In other words, an ad is an advertisement. When a company uses print or broadcasting — newspapers, magazines, the Internet, or television, for example — to attempt to sell more of something, it's an ad.

  2. ad 1 (æd) n. 1. an advertisement. 2. advertising: an ad agency. [1835–45; by shortening] ad 2 (æd) n. Tennis. advantage (def. 4). [1925–30; by shortening] ad- a prefix occurring in verbs or verbal derivatives borrowed from Latin, where it meant “toward” and indicated direction, tendency, or addition: adjoin.

  3. Synonyms of ad ad noun Definition of ad as in advertisement a published statement informing the public of a matter of general interest did you see the ads in the paper for cheap round-trip flights to Florida? Synonyms & Similar Words Relevance advertisement announcement advertising release bulletin advert posting notice notification report brochure

  4. Here is your Kroger Weekly Ad Preview. February 1-7 ⭐️ Keep scrolling to see the full Kroger Sales Ad for this week. We will be entering the 2nd week of our Buy 5 or more, Save $1 each Kroger Mega Event (3 week sale this time). Watch the video below to learn how this event works. You can view a list of the BEST deals from that event HERE. The Spend $30, Save $10 Active Nutrition event continues as well.

  5. AD: Archduke: AD: Alternate Days: AD: Art Director: AD: American Dream: AD: Active Directory: AD: After Death: AD: Application Data: AD: Application Development (IBM) AD: Assembly District: AD: Assistant Director: AD: Athletic Director: AD: Active Duty: AD: American Dad (TV show) AD: Associate Director: AD: Air Defense: AD: Advanced Design: AD: Application Developer: AD: Andes: AD: Activity Director: AD: Analog-to-Digital

  6. AD (Anno Domini) is a designation used to label years following 1 BC in the Julian and Gregorian calendars while Ad (advertisement) is a form of marketing communication. AD, A.D. or Ad may also refer to: Art, entertainment, and media Film and television. A.D., a 2010 animated zombie horror film

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