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    Chris Pine, Actor: Star Trek. Chris Pine was born in Los Angeles. His parents are actors Robert Pine and Gwynne Gilford, and his maternal grandparents were Max M. Gilford, a president of the Hollywood Bar Association, and actress Anne Gwynne. His sister, Katherine Pine, has also acted. Chris's ancestry is Russian Jewish (from his maternal grandfather), English, German, Welsh, ...

    • Actor, Producer, Soundtrack
    • August 26, 1980
  3. March 2, 2018: 2 seasons, 18 episodes: 23–27 min: Japanese Pending Aggretsuko: Workplace comedy: April 20, 2018: 3 seasons, 30 episodes: 15–23 min: Japanese Season 4 due to premiere on December 16, 2021: Ultraman: Science fiction/Tokusatsu: April 1, 2019: 1 season, 13 episodes: 23–25 min: Japanese Season 2 due to premiere in Spring 2022

  4. 20171月,奥巴马授予乔·拜登杰出总统自由勋章。 拜登有过两次婚姻。他与首任妻子内莉亚·亨特于1966年结婚,生有21女。与现任妻子吉尔·拜登于1977年结婚,生有1女。

  5. Apr 24, 2021 · Work began in 2002 on the earthquake-proof structure, which was scheduled for completion in 2008 and projected to cost $2.6 billion – the equivalent of $3.1 billion in today’s money – up ...

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    1. 2040 January 1 - January 1 – Books, films and other works published in 1944 (including Disney's next animated feature The Three Caballeros) will enter the public domainin the United States. 2. 2041: January 1 – Books, films and other works published in 1945 are scheduled to enter the public domain under existing U.S. copyright law, including all works by Bela Bartok and Anne Frank. 3. 2041: The Antarctic treatyis scheduled to come under review. 4. 2041: The joint venture partnership betwee...


    1. 2050: Three-North Shelter Forest Programis expected to be completed. 2. 2050: Arnulf Jaeger-Walden of the European commission's Institute for Energy believes that solar power from North Africa can provide 100 GWto the entire continent of Europe. 3. 2050: Under a plan announced in July 2016, New Zealand aims to eradicate all non-native rats, possums, and mustelidsby this year. 4. 2050: A time capsule in Rachel, Nevadais set to be opened in this year. 5. 2051, April – One of the METI message...


    1. 2061 July: Halley's cometwill make first appearance since 1986. 2. 2061, September 1: A time capsule at St. Gabriel School in Biggar, Saskatchewan, Canada is scheduled to be opened for its 150th anniversary of its school division (Greater Saskatoon Catholic Schools). 3. 2061, December 31: Expiration of the Singapore-Malaysia Water Agreement. 4. 2063, November 22: 100th anniversary of the assassination of President John F. Kennedy. 5. 2064: 500th anniversary, birth of William Shakespeare. 6...


    1. 2100: On March 14 (which will be February 29 in the Julian calendar), the difference between the Julian calendar and the Gregorian calendarreaches 14 days. Since 14 is divisible by 7, this will be the first time in history since its inception that the Gregorian calendar has the same day of the week for each day of the year as the Julian calendar. This will last until February 28, 2200 of the Gregorian Calendar. 2. Polarisappears furthest North. Polaris's maximum apparent declination (takin...


    1. The Chernobyl New Safe Confinementreaches end of designed lifetime in the 2110s. 2. September 19, 2110 – A time capsule at the Plaza de Armas in Santiago, Chileis intended to be opened. It was buried in 2010. 3. November 18, 2112 – The city of Beaumont, Californiain the United States is scheduled to open a time capsule in honor of its bicentennial. 4. 2112 – A time capsule buried in Weavers Academy, Wellingborough, UK, will be opened after 100 years of being buried. 5. 2113: August will be...


    1. November 2120 - A South African vault of thousands of time capsules containing present-day information for future generations' use will be opened, 101 years after burial. The Vault2120 is located at Maropeng in the Cradle of Humankind and was sealed in November 2019. The vault will only be opened in the year 2120. The vault and its thousands of time capsules have been buried at least two metres underground at the Maropeng Visitor Centre. 2. 2123: 2.1. Triple conjunction Mars–Jupiter. 2.2....


    1. 2209: Return of Halley's Comet.


    1. 2214: Rosh Hashanahwill fall on October 6 for the first time.


    1. 2221: Triple conjunction of Mars and Saturn. 2. 2223: On December 2 at 12:32 UTC, Mars will occult Jupiter.

    The 639 year long performance of John Cage's organ work As Slow As Possible (begun in 2001) is scheduled to finish at the St. Burchardi Church in Halberstadt, Germany on September 5, 2640.[citation...

    2800 - century leap year
    March 1, 2800 – The Revised Julianand Gregorian calendars will differ by a day.
    The CPR (Canadian Pacific Railway) lease on the O&Q (Ontario and Quebec) will end on January 4, 2883 after a 999-year lease.[citation needed]
    The St. Michael's Catholic Cemetery (Happy Valley) in Hong Kong lease on Wanzai's Saint Fulan gentleman street will end after a 999-year lease.[citation needed]
    2968: The Helium Centennial Time Columns Monument in Amarillo, Texas, contains four separate time capsules, the last of which is intended to be opened 1,000 years after the Time Columns Monument wa...
    2999: The time capsule in Chinook Centre in Calgary, Alberta, Canadais scheduled to be opened on December 31, 2999 after being sealed in 1999.
    2999: The Longplayercomposition is set to finish on December 31, 2999, marking the end of the thousand-year piece of music which began on January 1, 2000.
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    Calendar 1950-2060 This calendar shows the day of the week for each date for the years from 1950 to 2060. Find the table for the date you are interested in.

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