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    Just the jolt of excitement my boring life needed, she thought! Attending the debutant ball to meet this new Susanne, Adelaide ends up making a deal with the handsome duke Felix: become his “fake” fiancée so he can keep the gold-digging Susanne away from him! As Felix warms to his companion, can Adelaide win this battle for his heart?

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    Adelaide is a strong, smart indipendent girl who can manage her own things, both in works as well as in love. She don't need a hero to save the day, she's the hero of her very own. On the other hand Felix seems to be a timid, quite, calm man with proper behavior, but he's really cute when he was teased due to his pure mind.

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    • 2017
  5. About Adelaide Manga: Am I reborn? in my previous life I was a designer who had just graduated, then one day had an accident. Adelaide, that’s what’s new in this new life, my life feels very boring, but suddenly there is news that there is a girl across dimensions, and decided to go to the capital.

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