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    Adelaide ( / ˈædɪleɪd / ( listen) AD-il-ayd) [9] [10] is the capital city of South Australia, [11] the state's largest city and the fifth-most populous city of Australia. "Adelaide" may refer to either Greater Adelaide (including the Adelaide Hills) or the Adelaide city centre. The demonym Adelaidean is used to denote the city and the ...

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    Adelaide är en stad i Australien. Staden har ungefär 1,3 miljoner invånare och är huvudstad i delstaten South Australia. Avståndet till Sydney är 140 mil. Staden grundades 1836 av nybyggare. Adelaide har ett varmt klimat med temperaturer upp till 44 grader på sommaren och 15 grader på vintern.

    • Overview
    • Aboriginal settlement
    • British preparation for establishing a colony
    • British settlement (1836)
    • First years
    • 1850–1900

    This article details the History of Adelaide from the first human activity in the region to the 20th century. Adelaide is a planned city founded in 1836 and the capital of South Australia.

    The Adelaide plains were inhabited by the Kaurna people before the colonisation of South Australia, their territory extending from what is now Cape Jervis to Port Broughton. The Kaurna lived in family groups called yerta, a word which also referred to the area of land which supported the family group. Each yerta was the responsibility of Kaurna adu...

    British Commander Matthew Flinders and French Captain Nicolas Baudin independently charted the southern coast of the Australian continent, with the notable exception of the inlet later known as the Port Adelaide River. In 1802 Flinders named Mount Lofty, but recorded little of the area which is now Adelaide. In 1830 Charles Sturt explored the River...

    In February 1836 the vessels John Pirie and Duke of York set sail for South Australia. They were followed in March by Cygnet and Lady Mary Pelham, in April by Emma, in May by Rapid and then by Africaine and Tam O'Shanter. The Rapid and Cygnet comprised the Colonization Commissioners for South Australia's 'First Expedition', others took supplies and...

    Colonists who had already purchased land before departing were given first choice on 23 March 1837, and the remaining areas were auctioned for between 2 and 14 guineas. Within a few weeks many of the same areas were selling for between 80 and 100 pounds which was seen as a health

    Adelaide's second Governor was Colonel George Gawler who arrived in October 1838 to a situation of almost no public finances, underpaid officials and 4,000 immigrants still living in makeshift accommodation. He was allowed a maximum of £12,000 expenditure a year, with an ...

    Grey, 29 at the time, issued the news of Gawler's recall himself, from the steps of government house on 15 May 1841. He slashed public expenditure, turning public opinion against him. Silver was discovered at Glen Osmond the same year, which lifted spirits and spurred on discover

    Gold discoveries in Victoria in 1851 brought a severe labour shortage due to the exodus of workers leaving to seek their fortunes on the goldfields. However, this also led to a high demand for South Australian wheat. The situation improved when prospectors returned with their gold finds. South Australians were keen to establish trade links with Vic...

  3. Adelaide is a city in Australia. It is the capital city of the state of South Australia, and it has an approximate population of 1.2 million people. It is the fifth biggest city in Australia, behind Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane and Perth. Adelaide was founded in 1836 by Colonel William Light, who named it after Queen Adelaide .

    • 406.507/km² (1,052.85/sq mi) (2011)
    • 28 December 1836
    • 3,257.7 km² (1,257.8 sq mi)
    • 1,324,279 (2016) (5th)
  4. Adelaide is the English form of a Germanic given name, from the Old High German Adalheidis, meaning "noble natured". The modern German form is Adelheid, famously the first name of Queen Adelaide, for whom many places throughout the former British Empire were named. [citation needed] The French form is Adélaïde or Adélaide and Czech is Adéla ...

  5. Adelaide is the heroine of William Bernard McCabe 's 1856 novel Adelaide, Queen of Italy, or The Iron Crown. Books and novels: Adelheid, Mutter der Königreiche ( Adelaide, Mother of Kingdoms) published in 1936 by Gertrud Bäumer.

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