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    Her elder sister of the full-blood, Judith d’Abra (living 1592), became a Clarissan nun in Verdun as Sister Florence. Catherine d’Abra died there (Feb 12, 1641). Abra, Louise d’ – (1566 – 1666) French nun Louise d’Abra de Raconis was the elder daughter of Francois d’Abra de Raconis and his second wife Marie Coignet, and was the ...


    Generation of a large tree takes a lot of resources of our web server. Anonymous users can only see 7 generations of ancestors and 7 - of descendants on the full tree to decrease

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    Oxley has 70 full-time teachers, twelve casual teachers at any one time. It caters with IO classes and support staff. On 18 March 2012 the Castlereagh block of the school was destroyed by fire, subsequently knocked down and rebuilt.

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    727 relations: A Feather on the Breath of God, Aachen, Abass, Abbedisso, Abbey, Abbey of Longchamp, Abbey of Regina Laudis, Abbey of Santa María la Real de Las Huelgas, Abbot, Ab


    3427 relations: A Dark Night's Work, A Thread of Scarlet, A. E. Cowley, Aarhus Cathedral, Abbey, Abbey d'Ardenne, Abbey Lawn, Abbey of Saint Loup, Troyes, Abbey of ...

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    She retired from full time service in 1987, but the queen retained her services as an extra lady-in-waiting for several years afterwards. Apart from her court duties, Lady Abel Smith served the community as a Justice of the Peace, being appointed as such for Tunbridge Wells in Kent (1955) and later for the county of Gloucestershire (1971).

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    Osteoblastoma is an uncommon osteoid tissue-forming primary neoplasm of the bone. It has histologic manifestations similar to those of osteoid osteoma.However, an aggressive type of osteoblastoma has been recognized, making the relationship less clear.