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    Adelheid's most striking quality has been her height. Frequently commented on (mostly by Tsuna), her stature allows her to tower high above people. She has a slender figure and a large bust. She is very strict and nearly always frowns. She has black hair (usually worn in a high ponytail) and dark red eyes, a trait shared by the other Simon Famigliamembers. She mostly wears her Simon school uniform and is sometimes seen carrying her school bag.

    Adelheid is a strong no-nonsense person who takes care of the Famiglia. She is shown to be a very serious person when dealing with family matters and follows through with any plans that are set before her. Adelheid acts as second-in-command of the Famiglia, having a strong control on the Simon Famiglia and being the one who mostly gives orders to the other members, including Enma, when needed, making people mistakenly assume she is the leader. Even though she is serious, she can be very sociable when needed. She also expects similar loyalty from the other members of the Famiglia, which has made her clash with Julie Katoseveral times in the past. She is very harsh and blunt with words and does not like it when people insult her or her Famiglia. Beneath her harsh exterior, she is shown to have a soft spot for her Famiglia. She is very devoted to her family and cares for them very much as she was looking after Enma and worrying over Julie's changed personality. She thinks of nothing bu...


    1. Metal Fans: Adelheid uses these as her weapons of choice. They are two metal fans that are hidden under her skirt.The fans are capable of being coated with Glacier Flames. 1. Simon Glacier Ring: Adelheid possesses one of the seven Simon Rings of the earth, sealed by the Vongola Sin. When activated, her ring becomes two blade-like weapons attached to her arms and can produce flames of the Glacier.


    1. Diamond Castle: By using her Glacier Flame Adelheid freezes water into a shape of a castle that is impervious to any physical or natural attack and she claims it can repel a flame attack on the level of Tsuna's X-Burner. However, the attack can be worn down by continuous combo attacks. 2. Gruppo Attacco Invincible: By using her Glacier Flame Adelheid molds water into 500 Blizzardroidsthat each have the same power as her. They are capable of changing their hands into sharp blades; however,...

    Adelheid is a German and Dutch name derived from "Adel", meaning nobility.
    Adelheid's number is 20in the Reborn! Fandom.
    She is the one who defeated the Giegue Famiglia, as it was reported to be a female fighter from the Simon, and Shitt P! was occupied at the time. Also, she was nervous when Reborn was reporting wha...
    Her pride is the Simon Famiglia, led by Enma, and the will to cleanse.
  2. Adelheid Suzuki/Synopsis | Reborn Wiki | Fandom

    Adelheid is surprised that Tsuna didn't die from that, and Tsuna then started yelling at Reborn for involving him, to which Reborn said that it was his job as the boss to stop meaningless fights. He also says that they were his guests and are called the Simon Famiglia , and were invited to the Vongola Inheritance Ceremony .

  3. Adelheid Suzuki/Relationships | Reborn Wiki | Fandom

    Adelheid is deeply loyal and cares for her family and according to Demon, her zealous leadership is what slowly regained the Simon's spirit for their family revival. Her bond with Enma seems to be strongest amongst the other Simon members. She truly believes Enma is suited to become a better boss than Tsuna who she thinks is a coward and stated that the Simon Famiglia lead by Enma is her pride ...

  4. Kyoya Hibari vs. Adelheid Suzuki | Reborn Wiki | Fandom
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    Kyoya Hibari vs. Adelheid Suzuki is the sixth major battle of the Inheritance Ceremony Arc, which features the Tenth Generation Vongola Cloud Guardian and the Tenth Generation Simon Glacier Guardian fighting over their pride inscribed on their armbands.

    Back with Tsuna's group Gokudera felt uneasy about the dark shadow that Reborn mentioned earlier since they don't have absolute proof. Reborn the said that just as Tsuna said, seeing each members of Simon's honesty and terrible action as a group made him feel something off about it, thinking that perhaps the Simon are not monolithic. Adelheid then appeared suddenly challenging Tsuna to a duel as she promised. Upon receiving no answer when she questioned him about his pride claiming that his prid...

    Adelheid then commented that she wouldn't need to attack and jumped into the waterfall. Using her Glacier flame she formed a huge ice castle within the waterfall that she claimed to be impenetrable even to an attack as powerful as the X-Burner. Hibari pointed out her inability to take his armband but she responded by creating five hundred ice Blizzardroids from the river surrounding Hibari. As he watched with Chrome from afar Demon established his confidence in Adelheid naming her the passion of...

    • 321 - 323
    • Inheritance Ceremony Arc
    • Simon Waterfall
  5. Adelheid Suzuki - Katekyo Hitman Reborn Wiki - Neoseeker

    Adelheid Suzuki is part of the Shimon Famiglia and attended Shimon Middle but had to migrate to Namimori after an earthquake struck their place of residence. Namimori was chosen because the area has a low Earthquake frequency and were traveling there anyway because of the Decimo Inheritance Ceremony.

    • 【MMD REBORN】ゴーストルール【Adelheid】NEW model
    • дефиле Katekyo Hitman Reborn (Tsuna and Adelheid)
    • 【MMD REBORN】I LOVE YOU【Adelheid】
    • {Re Reborn ♥ Set Fire to the Rain ♥ Suzuki Adelheid
  6. Kyoya Hibari vs. Adelheid Suzuki (chapter) | Reborn Wiki | Fandom

    Kyoya Hibari vs. Adelheid Suzuki is the 321st chapter of Akira Amano's Katekyo Hitman Reborn! Adelheid Suzuki and Hibari start the fight. Tsuna goes down near the battlefield to take a closer look since Hibari told him to watch his fight. Adelheid claims that she does not intend to cross weapons with Hibari directly, which makes Hibari think that she has already given up but Adelheid says she ...

    • Inheritance Ceremony Arc
    • Awakening Arrives!
    • 321
  7. Talk:Adelheid Suzuki | Reborn Wiki | FANDOM powered by Wikia
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    That doesn't mean its impossible. Anyone who can do it, is more than welcome to do so. One thing however. All this time, her shown personality might very well have been a fascade to fool the Vongola. So I cant be sure what's right and whats not. The same can be said about any1 in her group. However, if anyone can write it, please do so, and if there are any changes, well, we could edit it to match...AlienGamer (userpage ⁝ talk) 16:21, July 1, 2010 (UTC)

    Someone should provide her personality in this article. --Cococrash11 07:45, July 1, 2010 (UTC)Cococrash11

    Who ever added that "Adelheid" means noble in Dutch is sadly mistaken, Dutch has no such word, but it can be used as a name in Dutch. Source: I am Dutch Keibatsu 15:31, July 1, 2010 (UTC)

  8. Julie Kato | Reborn Wiki | Fandom
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    Like most members of his Family, Julie is always seen in his Simonschool uniform. He keeps the uniform top opened, revealing a yellow shirt, which seems to be barely tucked in and buckled with a brown belt. The features that set him apart from the others is that he wears a white fedora, which he has on in almost all his appearances. When his fedora is taken off, he reveals a somewhat combed-backed hair and sideburns that end just below where his cheekbone is. He wears large-frame glasses over his slightly slitted eyes. Finally, he sports a petit goatee. As a child, Julie lacked his goatee and wore a hat turned backwards in lieu of a fedora.

    Julie comes off as a laid-back, nonchalant person who moves at his own pace, and is constantly seen with a smile on his face. He seems to prefer being outside, wandering about than following his duties. His most obvious personality trait is that he is a slacker. In his first appearance, he missed an entire day of school. His laziness brings out the disapproval of Kouyou Aoba, and his comment about Adelheid Suzuki hints that he has gotten into trouble sometime in the past. According to Kouyou's comments towards Julie during their meeting, he seems to have a habit of gambling and chasing after women. Another trait is that he can be blunt and honest-saying whatever is on his mind. When Kouyou made a comment on Julie doing nothing all day, Julie retorted by telling him to shut up and then insulted him on his failing marks. He also did not hesitate to call Enma Kozato, the boss of the family, pathetic. Moreover, he had no reservations on admitting he was stalking Chrome Dokuroand, when h...

    Desert Simon Ring:Julie possesses the Desert Simon Ring that was sealed by the Vongola Sin. When activated, it turns into a weapon that covers his hand. It closely resembles a set of claws.

    In the Reborn! Fandom, his number is 11.
    It is also hinted that he was romantically involved with Adelheid in the past as it is shown he has kissed her and told her there was no need for her to carry all the burden, as he was there to hel...
  9. Katekyo Hitman Reborn! FanFiction Archive | FanFiction

    Reborn and Tsuna have known each other for years. They've been best friends for years. Tsuna's hoped for something more for years. And yet, when it really came down to it, Tsuna would rather destroy any chance he ever had with Reborn and break his own heart than to see the teen in any unnecessary pain.

  10. Naruto and Katekyo Hitman Reborn! Crossover | FanFiction

    Naruto and Katekyo Hitman Reborn! crossover fanfiction archive with over 224 stories. Come in to read stories and fanfics that span multiple fandoms in the Naruto and Katekyo Hitman Reborn! universe.

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