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  1. The Magyar Autonomous Region (1952–1960) (Romanian: Regiunea Autonomă Maghiară, Hungarian: Magyar Autonóm Tartomány) and Mureș-Magyar Autonomous Region (1960–1968) were autonomous regions in the Romanian People's Republic (later the Socialist Republic of Romania

  2. An administrative county was a first-level administrative division in England and Wales from 1888 to 1974, and in Ireland from 1899 until either 1973 or 2002. They are now abolished, although most Northern Ireland lieutenancy areas and Republic of Ireland counties have the same boundaries as former administrative countries.

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  4. Counties of Hungary. Hungary is subdivided administratively into 19 counties ( megyék, singular: megye) and the capital city ( főváros) Budapest. The counties are further subdivided into 174 districts ( járások, singular: járás ). The capital Budapest is subdivided into 23 districts ( kerületek, singular: kerület ). [1]

    • 19 (as of 1950)
    • Hungary
  5. An administrative county was an old way of dividing up the land in a country that was once used in England and Wales, beginning in 1888 and also in Ireland, beginning in 1898. It was used for local government reasons. They do not exist anymore, except in Northern Ireland where their old areas are used as the areas for lieutenancy.

  6. Administratively, Hungary is divided into 19 counties ( megye, plural megyék ). In addition, the capital ( főváros ), Budapest, is independent of any county government. The counties and the capital are the 20 NUTS third-level units of Hungary. Contents 1 Overview 2 Regions 3 Counties and the capital 4 Districts 5 Former Divisions 6 See also

  7. Administrative counties were subnational divisions of England used for local government from 1889 to 1974. They were created by the Local Government Act 1888, which established an elected county council for each area. Some geographically large historic counties were divided into several administrative counties, each with its own county council. The administrative counties operated until 1974, when they were replaced by a system of metropolitan and non-metropolitan counties under the Local Govern

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