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  1. County of Nassau - Wikipedia

    County of Nassau-Weilburg. Walram's son Adolf became King of Germany in 1292. His son Count Gerlach abdicated in 1344 and the County was divided under his sons in 1355 County of Nassau-Weilburg, again divided from 1442 to 1574 County of Nassau-Saarbrücken (Elder) County of Nassau-Weilburg; County of Nassau-Wiesbaden, again divided from 1480 to 1509

  2. Kingdoms of Europe - Nassau

    Adolph II: Count of Nassau-Weisbaden-Idstein (1355-1370). 1355: Nassau-Weilburg becomes Nassau-Weilburg-Saarbrucken. 1344 - 1371: John I: Gained Nassau-Weilburg in 1355. 1355 - 1390: Rupert: Count of Nassau-Sonnenberg. 1371 - 1429: Philip I: 1429 - 1492: Philip II: 1442: Nassau-Weilburg reverts to its old title. 1492 - 1523: Louis I: 1523 - 1559: Philip III

  3. County of Nassau-Saarbrücken - Wikipediaücken

    County of Nassau-Saarbrücken (yellow, left), about 1400 ... 1342–1381 John II; 1381–1381 Joan; House of Nassau reign name born ... Gustav Adolph: 27 March 1632 9 ...

  4. Adolphe, Grand Duke of Luxembourg,_Grand_Duke_of...

    Meanwhile, being the last agnatic dynastic descendant of Otto I, Count of Nassau, the throne of the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg passed to a 6-centuries-distant cousin, Adolphe. He succeeded his father, Adolphe. At the death of William III, the throne of the Netherlands passed to his daughter Wilhelmina, while Luxembourg (then restricted to male heirs by the Nassau Family Pact) passed to Adolph ...

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  6. Adolf of Nassau (disambiguation) John William Friso, Prince of Orange, Prince of Nassau-Dietz, who became the titular Prince of Orange in 1702 Louis of Nassau (1538 – 1574), third son of William, Count of Nassau, and Juliana of Stolberg Maurice of Nassau, Prince of Orange (1567 – 1625), son of William the Silent and Princess Anna of Saxony

  7. Adolph Koeppel - Obituary

    KOEPPEL--Adolph, 85, attorney and founder of the law firm, Koeppel, Sommer, Martone, Leistman, a pioneer in the real estate tax certiorari and condemnation law passed away on March 14, 2009.

  8. County of Nassau-Saarbrückenücken

    From 1381 to 1793 the counts of Nassau-Saarbrücken were the main local rulers. He was the second ruling Count of Saarbrücken (de), in office 1135 - 1183. He was the first to style himself ''Count of Saarbrücken.

  9. Nassau. Titles of European hereditary rulers

    In 1255, Walram II, and Otto I, sons of Heinrich "the Rich", Count of Nassau, divided their father's possessions and founded two major lines of the House of Nassau. The lands South to the Lahn passed to the Walramian line, the lands Nouth to the Lahn passed of the Ottonian line.

  10. Armorial of the House of Nassau - Wikipedia

    Walram II, Count of Nassau, Co-count of Nassau from 1249 to 1255, count of Nassau-Wiesbaden, count of Nassau-Idstein from 1255 to 1276, D'azur, semé de billettes d'or, au lion couronné du second, armé, lampassé de gueules.

  11. Adolph Gottlieb | Pace Gallery

    Adolph Gottlieb: Early Prints from the Adolph and Esther Gottlieb Foundation, ... Nassau County Museum of Art, ... Documenta II, Kassel, West Germany, July 11 ...