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  1. History. In the Introduction to the Encyclopedia of Adventure Fiction, Critic Don D'Ammassa defines the genre as follows: .. An adventure is an event or series of events that happens outside the course of the protagonist's ordinary life, usually accompanied by danger, often by physical action.

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      In the Introduction to the Encyclopedia of Adventure...

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  2. A. Adventure fiction role-playing games ‎ (3 C) Adventure graphic novels ‎ (1 C, 9 P) Adventure novels ‎ (17 C, 23 P) Adventure television series ‎ (5 C, 19 P) Adventure animation ‎ (4 C) Adventure anime and manga ‎ (14 C, 555 P)

  3. Adventure fiction is a type of fiction in which an adventure forms the main storyline. The adventure is usually an exciting undertaking involving risk and physical danger. Author Malins describes adventure fiction as the story "of the hero —individual or group—overcoming obstacles and dangers and accomplishing some important and moral mission."

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    Mythology and fiction. Some of the oldest and most widespread stories in the world are stories of adventure such as Homer's The Odyssey. The knight errant was the form the "adventure seeker" character took in the late Middle Ages.

  5. An adventure film is form of adventure fiction, and is a genre of film.Subgenres of adventure films include swashbuckler films, pirate films, and survival films.Adventure films may also be combined with other film genres such as action, animation, comedy, drama, fantasy, science fiction, family, horror, or war.

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  7. Action fiction is related to other forms of fiction, including action films, action games and analogous media in other formats such as manga and anime. It includes martial arts action, extreme sports action, car chases and vehicles, suspense action, and action comedy , with each focusing in more detail on its own type and flavor of action.

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