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  1. Nov 17, 2009 · Designed for kids ages 5-9, JumpStart Escape from Adventure Island is the second title in the JumpStart series of adventure-based learning games for the Wii. This action-packed game invites players to use their explorer skills and brain power to find a way to escape a mysterious island after a crash landing strands them there!

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    • November 17, 2009
    • B002SRNFX2
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    Adventure Island (JPJapanese: 高橋名人の冒険島 Romaji: Takahashi Meijin no Bōken Jima Meaning: Master Takahashi's Adventure Island) is a Nintendo Entertainment System video game released in 1986. It was developed and published by Hudson, and was later released on the Wii's Virtual Console. It was re-released in Japan as a Famicom Mini as Famicom Mini Serie...

    Worlds The game had eight worlds or zones that the main character would be required to venture through. In each world, there are four levels, and at the end of the forth level, you will encounter a boss. Each level also has a checkpoint that the character will return to when he dies.

    It was averagely recieved by critics such as GameSpot who gave the game a 6.5 out of 10 rating calling it "fast paced, challenging platformer."

  2. Mar 14, 2009 · Gameplay Videos & Trailers for Adventure Island: The Beginning Wii. Let`s Play UEFA Champions League 2004-2005 #20; UEFA Champions League 2004/2005 [GAMEPLAY by GSTG] Let's Play - Star Wars Rogue Squadron II [2]: Rogue Leader - Mission 5 - The Asteroid Field; Let's Play - Star Wars Rogue Squadron II [2]: Rogue Leader - Mission 4 - Battle of Hoth

  3. Mar 07, 2014 · Adventure Island. An evil witch doctor has kidnapped Master Higgins' true love, Tina! You must venture through eight perilous areas, each filled with enemies determined to stop you. As if that wasn't tough enough, Master Higgins loses vitality over time, so he must grab fruit, milk and whatever other goodies he can as he races towards his goal.

  4. Your emulator will now be ready to play Adventure Island rom. But now you’ll need to find the correct ROMs online. A ROM is essentially a virtual version of the game that needs to be loaded into the emulator. Step 2: return to Visualboyadvance-m and hit File > Open. Navigate to the downloaded .zip file and double click it to open it.

    • Gameboy Advance (GBA)
    • Hudson Soft
    • Adventure Island
    • 1986
  5. › retro_games90 › adventure-island-iiAdventure Island II - Retro Gamer

    Sep 05, 2012 · Adventure Island II's presentation is highly similar to its predecessor (which is ok) but it is the gameplay where this game comes into its own. Adventure Island II feels much more like an adventure than the first game. The game contains a colourful overworld map showing each of the islands (as well as detailed maps of each individual island ...

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