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    What are funeral customs in African culture?

    Why do African Americans have funerals and funeral services?

    What are funeral traditions in the US?

    What do unmarked African American graveyards reveal about funeral and mourning traditions?

  2. › funeral-customs › african-americanAfrican American Funeral Customs

    For many in the African American community, funeral services and expressions of mourning contain a theme of celebration, rather than the somber emotions associated with death in other cultural settings. This attitude grew out of the period of slavery,when most slave owners would not allow slaves to gather for funerals.

    • Homegoing. One of the first things you’ll notice about Christian African-American funerals is that they are called homegoings. The reason for this wording is because of the belief that deceased loved ones are going back home — home to God, peace, and freedom.
    • Gathering of Friends and Family. Whether for the seven-day period of visitation prior to the funeral, the two to three-day wake, or the funeral service itself, family and friends from near and far will gather for the occasion.
    • Elaborate Funeral Procession. Funerals or homegoings are purposefully elaborate, detailed affairs and this is true of the procession from the family home to the church or location of the funeral service.
    • Luxury Casket. Though not every family will choose to purchase an expensive or luxury casket for their loved one, many do. African-American funerals can be lavish and this is one area where they often go all-out.
  3. Sep 29, 2017 · African-American Funeral Traditions 1 The Wake. After a person dies, it takes five to seven days before the funeral. However, since it is important to have... 2 Funeral Day. Before the family enters the church, friends and other attendees at the funeral get a last chance to view... 3 Flower Girls. ...

  4. May 23, 2022 · 4Posted by Jae Jones- May 23, 2022 - BLACK RELIGION, LATEST POSTS, RELIGION. African Americans in the south have always had traditional ways of handling funeral ceremonies and burials of loved ones. African Americans mark the final resting place of love ones in a unique way. In African religion, death is the last transitional stage of life and it requires passage rites, it was believed this took a long time to be completed.

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