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  1. African American Girl Names; Discover African American baby girl names that modern parents love. These are the best African American girl names, and some can even be used to give your cat or dog a name with deep origins & traditional roots. You can also view Popular African American Names, Popular Girl Names, or Popular Names.

  2. Elf names for girls aren’t a one-size-fits all category. Lovers of popular names and those who adore rare gems will find equally suitable names in their ranks. They hail from everything from made-up elfin languages to Welsh classics, making girl elf names as diverse as they are beautiful.

  3. Dec 10, 2021 · Hestia was the Greek goddess of the home, chastity, and hearth. It’s been a dormant name for many years but may make a comeback thanks to the trend of reviving old-fashioned baby names. 36. Ingrid. Ingrid is an old Norse name for “fair” or “beautiful.” Ingrid comes from Scandinavia, where it’s still a widely used name for baby girls.

  4. A fair proportion of Russian names are orthodox Christian names, and the others include Pre-Christian Slavic names, Communist names and names derived from ethnic minorities of Russia. Some names are recognizable versions of classic American names such as Lizabeta for Elizabeth and, Annika for Ann.

  5. These are names made with power and fit brave little girls tremendously. If you have a pint-sized fighter, check out Thyra, meaning “Thor’s battle,” or Ulla, meaning “determination.” Ebbe means “strong,” while Vivika means “war fortress.” As you can see, viking names for girls don’t mess around when it comes to badass meanings.

  6. A to Z Baby Girl Names, A to Z Baby Boys Names. Currently we have 7123 Boys Names and 10279 Girls Names with Meanings in our American collection. Total collection of 17402 baby names

  7. Dec 31, 2021 · Strong girl names have a new appeal for many parents, who may believe more now than in the past on the importance of strength for their daughters as well as their sons. While there are fewer girl names than boy names meaning strong, powerful, or brave, there are some excellent choices for your strong baby girl.

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