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  1. Los afroterios ( Afrotheria) son un superorden de mamíferos placentarios compuesto por los actuales órdenes Afrosoricida, Macroscelidea, Tubulidentata, Hyracoidea, Proboscidea y Sirenia. Son animales propios de África, Eurasia y Norteamérica, aunque los sirenios se han expandido por gran parte del planeta.

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    Afrotheria (/ æ f r oʊ ˈ θ ɪər i ə / from Latin Afro-"of Africa" + theria "wild beast") is a clade of mammals, the living members of which belong to groups that are either currently living in Africa or of African origin: golden moles, elephant shrews (also known as sengis), tenrecs, aardvarks, hyraxes, elephants, sea cows, and several extinct clades. Most groups of afrotheres share little or no superficial resemblance, and their similarities have only become known in recent times ...

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  4. Afrotheria means "African animals", "afro" for Africa and "theria" for animals. More recent genomics suggests that Afrotheria and Xenarthra are sister taxa at the base of the placental mammal radiation .

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    Afrotheria is a clade o mammals, the livin members o which alang tae groups that are either currently livin in Africae or o African origin: gowden moles, elephant shrews (cried sengis an aa), tenrecs, aardvarks, hyraxes, elephants, sea cows, an several extinct clades.

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    Afrotheria. De Afrotheria is een superorde van de infraklasse placentadieren van de klasse van de zoogdieren die aanvankelijk gebaseerd was op DNA -technieken. Het omvat de zoogdieren die zich in de tijd dat Afrika niet vast lag aan Europa of Azië, rond 100 miljoen jaar geleden, tot een aparte groep ontwikkelden.

  7. Les Afrotheria (Afrothériens en français) sont un super-ordre de mammifères placentaires. En font partie, entre autres, les taupes dorées , les macroscélides (musaraignes à trompe), les tenrecs , les tubulidentés (oryctéropes), les hyracoïdes (ou damans), les proboscidiens et les siréniens .

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