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  1. Ahsoka's lightsabers were a pair of lightsabers owned by Ahsoka Tano during the Clone Wars. The weapons were a single-bladed lightsaber with a green blade, which was later accompanied by a shoto lightsaber with a yellow-green blade that she built upon taking up Jar'Kai during the latter half of the war.

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    In the years before the Battle of Yavin, Ahsoka Tano used two white lightsabers as her personal weapons. The lightsabers, which had white blades and curved hilts, replaced the lightsabers she used before leaving the Jedi Order during the Clone Wars, which Tano had abandoned in order to fake her death to the Galactic Empire after the Siege of Mandal...

    Tano's curved-hilt lightsabers emitted white blades. Ahsoka Tano's second pair of lightsabers were both curved-hilt lightsabers with a rectangular profile, although upon their initial construction, the hilts were much rougher due to having been assembled in a hurry in the middle of battle out of pieces of scrap metal. As with her original pair of l...

    Building new weapons[] "They used to be red. When the creature had them, they were red. But I heard them before I ever saw him on Raada, and knew that they were meant for me." ―Ahsoka Tano Ahsoka wielding her original lightsabers during the Siege of Mandalore Ahsoka Tano had grown up in the Jedi Order and, during her time as a youngling and Padawan...

  2. As a Padawan, Ahsoka Tano used a green-bladed lightsaber, often wielding it in a non-standard reverse grip. Under the tutelage of Anakin Skywalker, Ahsoka became a skilled duelist, and built a second green-bladed lightsaber with a shorter, shoto-style blade. She used this shorter-bladed lightsaber to complement her primary weapon.

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