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    Text Generation API. The text generation API is backed by a large-scale unsupervised language model that can generate paragraphs of text. This transformer-based language model, based on the GPT-2 model by OpenAI, intakes a sentence or partial sentence and predicts subsequent text from that input.

  2. Apr 6, 2023 · If you're looking for a free AI writing generator, also offers a free plan that includes 2,000 words per month. Overall, there are more similarities than differences between Jasper and, and both can create almost all the same kinds of text. If you're in doubt, try them both out and then decide.

  3. deepai.orgDeepAI

    How it works Describe what you'd like to create Type in any idea that you want to create in text format Select a style Browse through a large style library and pick a style that suits your idea perfecly Create art for your idea Click to generate an image in seconds! AI Image Generator DeepAI PRO $4.99/mo 500 generated images per month

  4. Toolbaz’s free AI writer and text generator can help you create high-quality, original essays and articles. With AI copywriting, you may go from a few lines to surprisingly decent essays and articles. Let’s Discuss it Briefly! What is AI Text Generator? Perhaps you have heard of Jarvis or Jasper.

  5. inferkit.comInferKit

    State-of-the-art text generation. InferKit offers a web interface and API for AI–based text generators. Whether you're a novelist looking for inspiration, or an app developer, there's something for you. Try for free.

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    Type some text here and a neural network will generate more. Try an example. Press . tab. at any point to generate more text, and . esc. to stop or revert.

  7. Our AI-written text generator writes your essays and articles quickly and easily in any language. It can also help you to generate marketing content for Facebook ads, Google ads, Amazon product descriptions, LinkedIn posts, and more.

  8. May 25, 2023 · Type text for rewriting. Open a text-based app such as Mail or Messages. First try writing something that Wordtune can rewrite. Using your regular keyboard, type a few sentences in the appropriate ...

  9. May 25, 2023 · Advanced tools and strategies for AI art prompts. Now that we've gone through the basics, here are a few tools and suggestions to help you reach Legendary Imaginator status: Reverse engineer real images to find new prompts. CLIP Interrogator is an AI model hosted at Hugging Face that takes an image and gives you a text prompt based on its ...

  10. A generative artificial intelligence or generative AI / (GenAI) is a type of AI system capable of generating text, images, or other media in response to prompts. [1] [2] Generative models learn the patterns and structure of the input data, and then generate new content that is similar to the training data but with some degree of novelty (rather ...

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