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  1. In the Air National Guard, you not only serve your country, but also the community you call home when it needs the skills and resources that only the Guard can provide. With career and leadership opportunities, healthcare and education benefits, and the freedom to choose how you serve, you're able to become the best you in the Air National Guard.

  2. U.S. Air National Guard Capt. Jessica Strassle, 174th Medical Group, helps Senior Master Sgt. Bryan Thuman, 174th Civil Engineer Squadron, with out-processing paperwork at Hancock Air National Guard base on Dec. 30. Thuman is a part of the snow removal team responding to the snowstorm that happened in Buffalo, New York over the holiday weekend.

  3. National Guard aviation emerged early in the twentieth century during a period of enormous organizational and technological ferment within the American military establishment. Reformers were bent upon transforming it from what amounted to a small, constabulary focused on such tasks as policing the Indians and developing the nation's infrastructure to a modern force whose primary role was to engage in combat against other major industrial powers.

  4. Serve close to home, save lives around the world.

  5. The Air National Guard provides almost half of the Air Force's tactical airlift support, combat communications functions, aeromedical evacuations and aerial refueling. In addition, the Air National Guard has total responsibility for air defense of the entire United States. ANG State Mission

  6. The Air National Guard's main tool for fighting forest fires is the Modular Airborne Fire Fighting System (MAFFS), which has undergone several updates since its first use in September 1971 by the California Air National Guard's then-146th Tactical Airlift Wing and the North Carolina Air National Guard's then 145th Tactical Airlift Group. Housed in C-130s, MAFFS could disperse up to 27,000 pounds ... almost 3,000 gallons ... of commercial fire retardants or an equivalent amount of water.

  7. The Air National Guard is administered by the National Guard Bureau, a joint bureau of the departments of the Army and Air Force, located in the Pentagon, Washington, D.C. Mission. The Air National Guard has both a federal and state mission. The dual mission, a provision of the U. S. Constitution, results in each guardsman holding membership in the National Guard of his or her state and in the National Guard of the United States.

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