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  1. The Akron-class airships were a class of two rigid airships constructed for the US Navy in the early 1930s. Designed as scouting and reconnaissance platforms, the intention for their use was to act as "eyes for the fleet", extending the range at which the US Navy's Scouting Force could operate to beyond the horizon. This capability was extended further through the use of the airships as airborne aircraft carriers, with each capable of carrying a small squadron of airplanes that could be used bot

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    USS Akron was a helium-filled rigid airship of the U.S. Navy, the lead ship of her class, which operated between September 1931 and April 1933. It was the world's first purpose-built flying aircraft carrier, carrying F9C Sparrowhawk fighter planes, which could be launched and recovered while it was in flight. With an overall length of 785 ft, Akron and her sister ship Macon were among the largest flying objects ever built. Although LZ 129 Hindenburg and LZ 130 Graf Zeppelin II were some 18 ft lo

    • 5 x Curtiss F9C 'Sparrowhawk', Consolidated N2Y-1, Waco XJW-1
    • Crashed off coast of New Jersey, 4 April 1933
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  4. Хондан Вироиш Вироиши манбаъ Намоиши таърих Akron-class airship ( англ. Akron-class airship) — як ҳавогарди сохтаи Goodyear-Zeppelin Corporation, аст . Нахустин истифодакунандаи ин ҳавогард United States Navy будааст. Ҷусторҳои вобаста[ вироиш | вироиши манбаъ] Феҳристи Ҳавогардҳо Манобеъ[ вироиш | вироиши манбаъ]

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    The US Navy had been experimenting with rigid airships since shortly after the end of the First World War. In 1917, a German zeppelin, L 49, was forced down in France following a bombing raid over England, and was captured virtually undamaged. This led to the idea of the United States obtaining a pair of German airships as part of the reparations p...

    The two ships that would eventually become the Akron-class were the first large rigid airships to be both designed and built in the US. Goodyear-Zeppelin was a joint venture between Goodyear and Luftschiffbau Zeppelin, with the sharing of German experts and ideas to train the employees of Goodyear in airship construction. As part of this collaborat...

    The primary role of the Akron-class was long-range reconnaissance, with their attainable height, long range and endurance enabling them to patrol far beyond visual range. The addition of the air group extended this capability even further, with the range of the aircraft allowing the airship to triple the size of its patrol area. However, there was ...

    When the Bureau of Aeronautics first conceived its plan for a pair of new, large, purpose-built airships, it envisaged having one stationed on each coast. However, the two ships of the Akron-class never had the opportunity to serve together, as Akron was lost just over three weeks after the launch of Macon.

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    USS Akron (ZRS-4) — a rigid airship o the Unitit States Navy. Akron (non-rigid airship) — a hydrogen-filled airship biggit in 1911 which burned affshore near Brigantine, New Jersey. University o Akron — a varsity in Akron, Ohio. Akron Zips — the athletic program o the University o Akron. Akron Art Museum.

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