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    4 days ago · The offshoot of the Muhammad-Shahi or Mumini Nizari Ismailis who follow the elder son of Shams al-Din (Nizari) Muḥammad d. 1310, the 28th Qasim-Shahi Imam, named ʻAlāʼ ad-Dīn Mumin Shāh d. 1337 (26th Imam of the Muhammad-Shahi or Mumini Nizari Ismailis) and his son Muhammad Shah d 1404, the twenty-seventh Imam.

  2. The Mongol Empire of the 13th and 14th centuries was the largest contiguous land empire in history and the second largest empire by landmass, second only to the British Empire. Originating in Mongolia in East Asia, the Mongol Empire eventually stretched from Eastern Europe and parts of Central Europe to the Sea of Japan, extending northward ...

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    6 days ago · The khanate experienced violent internal political disorder beginning in 1359, before it briefly reunited (1381–1395) under Tokhtamysh. However, soon after the 1396 invasion of Timur, the founder of the Timurid Empire, the Golden Horde broke into smaller Tatar khanates which declined steadily in power.

  4. 6 days ago · Hassan-i Sabbah conquered fortresses and captured Alamut in 1090 AD. Nizaris used this fortress until a Mongol raid in 1256. After the Mongol raid and fall of the Abbasids, Sunni hierarchies faltered. Not only did they lose the caliphate but also the status of official madhhab. Their loss was the gain of Shia, whose centre wasn't in Iran at ...

  5. During the history of Afghanistan, several superpowers have attempted to invade Afghanistan without maintaining a stable, permanent rule. Modern examples included the British Empire during the first and Third Anglo-Afghan Wars (1839–1842, 1919), the Soviet Union in the Soviet–Afghan War (1979–1989) and the United States in the War in Afghanistan (2001–2021).

  6. 4 days ago · Princess Michael of Kent. v. t. e. Meghan, Duchess of Sussex ( / ˈmɛɡən /; born Rachel Meghan Markle; August 4, 1981) is an American member of the British royal family and a former actress. Markle was born and raised in Los Angeles, California. Her acting career began while she was studying at Northwestern University.

  7. 4 days ago · This is a list of some of the regions in the United States.Many regions are defined in law or regulations by the federal government; others by shared culture and history; and others by economic factors.

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