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    Alan Harvey Guth ( / ɡuːθ /; born February 27, 1947) is an American theoretical physicist and cosmologist. Along with Alexei Starobinsky and Andrei Linde, he won the 2014 Kavli Prize "for pioneering the theory of cosmic inflation." [1]

  2. Alan H. Guth '69, PhD '72 In 1981, he proposed that many features of our universe can be explained by a new cosmological model which he called inflation. Research Areas Astrophysics Theory, High Energy and Particle Theory, Quantum Gravity and Field Theory (617) 253-6265 Office: 6-322

  3. American physicist Alan Guth was best known for proposing the theory of an inflationary universe, a variation of the big-bang model that was highly influential in guiding modern cosmological thought.

    • Alan Harvey Guth
    • New Brunswick, New Jersey, United States
    • February 27, 1947
  4. Alan Guth proposes cosmic inflation To improve on the big bang theory, in 1980 astrophysicist Alan Guth of MIT, Andrei Linde of Stanford University and Alexei Starobinsky of the Landau...

  5. Physicist Alan Guth, the father of cosmic inflation theory, describes emerging ideas about where our universe comes from, what else is out there, and what caused it to exist in the first place....

  6. Alan Guth came up with a solution. He envisioned a period of “inflation,” when a small region of the universe, which was all at the same temperature, suddenly (in some tiny fraction of a second) expanded so much so fast that it became the entire observable universe (and then some). So all of the parts of the universe were in contact.

  7. 45K views 9 months ago In 1979 Alan Guth, then a postdoc at Cornell, made what is perhaps the most important contribution to our theoretical understanding of the evolution of the Universe in the...

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