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    Balthild was born in Anglo-Saxon Britain and was carried off by pirates (641), being sold as a slave to Erchinwald, Mayor of the Palace to Clovis II, King of Neustria (634 – 657). Clovis was captivated by her beauty and married her (649), their three sons all became kings, Clotaire III, Childeric II, and Theuderic III (Theirry).

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    Barbara Komnena– (c1081 – 1125) Byzantine Imperial princess Barbara Komnena was closely related to the Emperor Johannes II Komnenus (1118 – 1143), being probably the daughter of Isaac Komnenus, Duke of Antioch and his wife Irene, the daughter of Dmitri Giorgishvili, King of Georgia. Princess Barbara was married (c1103) to Svyatopolk II ...

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