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    Henry, the Gaunt (Duke of Mecklenburg-Stargard, 1417-1466) Others by lack of hair: Charles II, the Bald (Holy Roman Emperor, 875–877 CE) John II, the Bald (Lord of Werle-Güstrow, 1316-1337) Or possibly too much hair: Bernard II, Plantapilosa (hairy or hairy-footed) (Count of Auvergne, 872–885 CE)

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    Best Photography of All Time, Chronological: Part II – 1946-2011 The Best Photographers and their Best Photos Best Works of Art & Architecture By Geographic Location I: Africa, Asia & Australia

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    Duke John Albert of Mecklenburg was a member of the House of Mecklenburg-Schwerin who served as the regent of two states of the German Empire. Firstly from 1897 to 1901 he was regent of Grand Duchy of Mecklenburg-Schwerin for his nephew Frederick Francis IV Grand Duke of Mecklenburg and from 1907 to 1913 he was Regent of the Duchy of Brunswick.

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    Magnus I Duke of Mecklenburg was Duke of Mecklenburg from 1383 until his death. Magnus was the third son of Duke Albert II of Mecklenburg and his wife Euphemia of Sweden the sister of the King Magnus II of Sweden. Sometime after 1362 he married Elizabeth of Pomerania-Wolgast daughter of Barnim IV Duke of Pomerania.

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    1468 relations: A Presumption of Death, A Princess for Christmas, A Romance of Mayfair, A Royal Flush, A Touch of Class (Fawlty Towers), A Trilogia das Barcas, Abh, Absolute monar

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    The Duke of Westminster provided Margaret with a dowry of seventy-five thousand pounds. Prince Adolphus succeeded his father Duke Francis Paul as Duke of Teck (1900 – 1917) Margaret became the duchess of Teck. Both were present at the funeral obsequies of Queen Victoria (Feb, 1901) and at the coronation of Edward VII and Queen Alexandra (1902).

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    Full text of "The Peerage of England, Scotland, and Ireland The peerage of England" See other formats ...

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    Aahhotepsee Ahhopte I or Ahhopte II. Aaliyah – (1979 – 2001) American actress and rhythmn and blues vocalist Born Aaliyah Haughton in Brooklyn, New York, she was raised in Detroit, Michigan from 1984. She appeared on the stage from the age of six years, and began singing professionally from the age of eleven, but was later influenced by the ...