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    Alberta ( / ælˈbɜːrtə /) is one of the thirteen provinces and territories of Canada. It is part of Western Canada and is one of the three prairie provinces. English is the official language of the province. In 2016, 76.0% of Albertans were anglophone, 1.8% were francophone and 22.2% were allophone.

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    From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia (Redirected from 2020 coronavirus pandemic in Alberta) The COVID-19 pandemic in Alberta is part of an ongoing global pandemic of coronavirus disease 2019 (COVID-19), an infectious disease caused by severe acute respiratory syndrome coronavirus 2 (SARS-CoV-2).

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    "Alberta" is the title of several traditional blues songs.

    Lead Belly recorded four different version of "Alberta". One of these was recorded in New York on January 23, 1935, and a similar version was recorded in New York on June 15, 1940. Another version, recorded in Wilton, Connecticut, on January 20, 1935, included the lyrics "Take me, Alberta, take me down in your rocking chair" and is included on Gwine Dig a Hole to Put the Devil In. Lead Belly's fourth recorded version survives on recording disc BC-122 of the Mary Elizabeth Barnicle–Tillman ...

    Mary Wheeler, in her Steamboatin' Days: Folk Songs of the River Packet Era, records a song she collected from Gabriel "Uncle Gabe" Hester, with the lyrics: 1. 2. Alberta, let yo' hair hang low, 1. 2. Alberta, let yo' hair hang low, 3. I'll give you mo' gold than yo' apron will hold, 4. Ef you'll jes' let yo' hair hang low.

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    Canada became a country in 1867. It was much smaller than it is now, and did not include the parts of the country to the west. From 1670 to 1870, parts of Alberta were included in "Rupert's Land," land owned by the Hudson’s Bay Companyin support of it’s trading monopoly over a vast area of Canada and parts of the United States. Northern part of Alberta was part of the what was then called "Northwestern Territories." Alberta was made a province of Canadain 1905, at the same time as Saskatchewan. The Aboriginal peoples of Canada are referred to as First Nations or by the Name of their Nation. Mixed (European/Aboriginal) People are called Metis.

    Alberta is very cold in the winter and has a lot of snow during the very cold season. There is a drypart of Alberta in the south.

    Alberta has a huge amount of oil (in the Athabasca Oil Sands) and natural gas. There are also a lot of farms in Alberta. Farmers grow several different types of crops Farmers mainly grow wheat. There are also a lot of cows on Alberta farms, and Alberta beef is exported. There is diesel fuel in Alberta.

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    Alberta / ælˈbɜːrtə / is a province o Canadae. It haed a population o 3,645,257 in 2011, makkin it the maist populous o Canadae's three prairie provinces. Alberta an its neebour, Saskatchewan, wur established as provinces on 1 September 1905.

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    Alberta Cooper Gay (January 1, 1913 – May 9, 1987) was an American domestic worker, schoolteacher and the mother of American recording artists Marvin Gaye and Frankie Gaye. Born in Rocky Mount, North Carolina, she married Gaye's estranged father, minister Marvin Gay, Sr., after relocating to Washington, D.C., in her early twenties.

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    The University of Alberta, also known as U of A or UAlberta, is a public research university located in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada.It was founded in 1908 by Alexander Cameron Rutherford, the first premier of Alberta, and Henry Marshall Tory, the university's first president.

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    A city is the highest form of all incorporated urban municipality statuses used in the Canadian Province of Alberta. Alberta cities are created when communities with populations of at least 10,000 people, where a majority of their buildings are on parcels of land smaller than 1,850 m², apply to Alberta Municipal Affairs for city status under the authority of the Municipal Government Act. Applications for city status are approved via orders in council made by the Lieutenant Governor in...

    Pursuant to Part 5, Division 1 of the Municipal Government Act, each municipality created under the authority of the MGA is governed by an elected council. As a requirement of the MGA, a city council consists of an odd number of councillors, one of which is the city's chief elected official or mayor. A city council consists of seven councillors by default, but it can consist of a higher or lower odd number if council passes a bylaw altering its size.

    There are currently ten towns – Blackfalds, Canmore, Cochrane, High River, Morinville, Okotoks, Stony Plain, Strathmore, Sylvan Lake and Whitecourt – that are eligible for city status having populations in excess of 10,000. In addition, the Town of Hinton has expressed interest in incorporating as a city once it surpasses 10,000 people. Its population in 2016 was 9,882. Alberta's two urban service areas – Fort McMurray and Sherwood Park – are also eligible for city status. As noted ...

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    Alberta. Ing Alberta metung yang albugan lalawigan ning Canada. Meging yang lalawigan inyang Septiembri 1, 1905 . Ing Alberta atiu king Albugan Canada. Makasepu ya kareng lalawign ning British Columbia king albugan at Saskatchewan king aslagan, Northwest Territories king pangulu, at ing U.S. State ning Montana king mauli.

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