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  1. Albrecht, Duke of Bavaria - Unionpedia, the concept map,_Duke_of_Bavaria

    Albrecht Luitpold Ferdinand Michael, Duke of Bavaria (3 May 1905 – 8 July 1996) was the son of the last crown prince of Bavaria, Rupprecht, and his first wife, Duchess Marie Gabrielle in Bavaria. 100 relations.

  2. Albert IV, Duke of Bavaria - Unionpedia, the concept map,_Duke_of_Bavaria

    Duke Albert IV of Bavaria-Munich (15 December 1447, Munich – 18 March 1508, Munich), (Albrecht IV., der Weise, Herzog von Bayern), from 1467 Duke of Bavaria-Munich, from 1503 Duke of the reunited Bavaria. 60 relations.

  3. Albert VI, Duke of Bavaria - Unionpedia, the concept map,_Duke_of_Bavaria

    Albert VI of Bavaria (Albrecht VI., der Leuchtenberger, Landgraf von Bayern-Leuchtenberg; 26 February 1584 – 5 July 1666) son of William V, Duke of Bavaria and Renata of Lorraine, born and died in Munich. 23 relations.

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  5. Between 1554 and 1561, by order of Duke Albrecht V, Philipp Apian (1531‒89) carried out a topographical survey of Bavaria (without using triangulation), on which was based the first mathematically measured map of a large region. In 1563, he completed a large-scale version on vellum, to a scale of 1:40,000, which was unfortunately destroyed after 1720. A copy of the original that was produced ...

  6. Albrecht II. Duke of Bavaria (1368-1397) - Find A Grave Memorial

    Duke Albrecht II or Albert II was a feudal co-regent, with his father Albrecht I, Duke of Bavaria, in the counties of Holland, Hainaut, and Zeeland in the Low Countries. Additionally, from 1389 until his death in 1397, he administered the Bavarian province of Straubing in the name of his father, it being his Bavarian ducal line's appanage and seat.

  7. Albert V, Duke of Bavaria, Founds the Bayerische ...

    In 1558 Albrecht V, Duke of Bavaria acquired the library of the humanist, orientalist, philologist, and theologian, Johann Albrecht Widmannstetter.This was the origin of the Bayerische Staatsbibliothek, München.

  8. Duke Albrecht Is Dead at 91; Pretender to Bavarian Throne ...

    Jul 11, 1996 · Duke Albrecht of Bavaria, head of a dynasty more than 800 years old and pretender to the Bavarian throne, died on Monday at an ancestral home, Castle Berg, near Munich, his family said.

  9. Kingdoms of Germany - Bavaria (Bavarii)

    Duke of the Bavarians. Lantpert of Bavaria: Son. Murdered (Saint) Emmeram of Regensburg. c.700: Married to a daughter of Theodo of Bavaria, Duke Godefred of Alemannia (Gotfried of Allemania) is a member of the House of the Agilolfing, Bavaria's governing family. In a document dated to the year 700 in Cannstatt, and at the request of a priest ...

  10. House of Wittelsbach - Wikipedia

    The form Duke in Bavaria was selected because in 1506 primogeniture had been established in the House of Wittelsbach resulting in there being only one Reigning Duke of Bavaria at any given time. Maximillian Joseph assumed the title of king as Maximilian I Joseph on January 1, 1806.

  11. Electorate of Bavaria - Wikipedia

    The Electorate of Bavaria (German: Kurfürstentum Bayern) was an independent hereditary electorate of the Holy Roman Empire from 1623 to 1806, when it was succeeded by the Kingdom of Bavaria. [2] The Wittelsbach dynasty which ruled the Duchy of Bavaria was the younger branch of the family which also ruled the Electorate of the Palatinate .