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  1. Maps - Alcatraz Island (U.S. National Park Service) › alca › planyourvisit

    Jul 08, 2019 · Alcatraz Island Map. This is a general map of the island showing various structures. For your safety, please listen to the announcements at the dock, since various areas of the island are closed to the public depending on the season. Open the PDF of the Island map by clicking here.

  2. Map of San Francisco - Alcatraz › map › alcatraz

    Icons on the San Francisco interactive map. The map is very easy to use: Check out information about the destination: click on the color indicators. Move across the map: shift your mouse across the map. Zoom in: double click on the left-hand side of the mouse on the map or move the scroll wheel upwards.

  3. Alcatraz - Google My Maps › mymaps › viewer

    This map was created by a user. Learn how to create your own.

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  5. Alcatraz Island Map - Alcatraz Island Map › alcatraz-island-map

    Location: Alcatraz Island is located in the middle of the San Francisco Bay. A ferry, located at Piers 31-33 (cross streets of Embarcadero & Bay Street) will take you to the island. Just remember to make your reservation in advance since this popular attraction tends to sell out up to a week in advance.

  6. Alcatraz Island Map - National Park Service › upload › Alcatraz-map-Access

    MAP KEY Audio Tour start North Bird viewing area (seasonal) New Industries Building (Exhibits) Recreation ard Model Industries Building Cell House Barracks (Theater) Guardhouse/ Sally Port Dock Storehouse Power Plant Post Exchange/ Officers’ Club Water Tower Parade Ground Warden’s House Lighthouse rail Alcatraz Island National Park Service

  7. This is an overhead Alcatraz Island map (400 kb), showing the island from a top-down view including the route from the ferry dock to the cellhouse and lighthouse on top of the island. Alcatraz cellhouse map. Here’s an Alcatraz cellhouse map (150 kb), focusing on cellblocks A-D and labeling other features such as the mess hall, kitchen, library, visiting room, and other prison features. Historical Alcatraz maps. Here’s an 1867 map of Alcatraz Island (550 kb). You can see in this era, it ...

  8. Alcatraz Island - Wikipedia › wiki › Alcatraz_Island

    Yerba Buena Island's name appeared on Ayala's 1775 chart of San Francisco Bay as "Isla de Alcatraces", but was later transferred to the rock now known as Alcatraz Island by Captain Beechey, an English naval officer and explorer. Over the years, the Spanish version "Alcatraz" became popular and is now widely used.

    • 1934; 87 years ago
    • San Francisco, California
  9. MapFight - Alcatraz Island size comparison › map › alcatraz

    Alcatraz Island is located in San Francisco Bay, 1.25 miles (2.01 km) offshore from San Francisco, California. The small island was developed with facilities for a lighthouse, a military fortification, a military prison, and a federal prison from 1934 until 21 March 1963. The water currents around the island were high at all times, which ...

  10. Map: Alcatraz Island and the San Francisco Bay › wnet › secrets

    Mar 17, 2016 · Map: Alcatraz Island and the San Francisco Bay March 17, 2016 Explore the prison island that inmates Frank Morris, Clarence Anglin, and John Anglin lived on, and escaped from, in June of 1962.

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