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  1. Thomas Alexander Harvey (March 10, 1941 – April 4, 2020) was an American singer, songwriter, author, actor, and radio host. History [ edit ] Alex Harvey was born in rural western Tennessee near Brownsville .

  2. Jun 30, 2020 · Crashes, madness and missing money: the story of the Sensational Alex Harvey Band. By Michael Heatley. ( Classic Rock ) published 30 June 2020. Smart, funny and mad as hatters, The Sensational Alex Harvey Band could have been huge. Instead, they burned out, having inspired a new generation of bands... like AC/DC.

  3. Jan 29, 2012 · MUCH has happened in the 30 years since Alex Harvey died, on the eve of his 47th birthday, on 4 February 1982. The characteristics that bemused mainstream audiences in the 1970s – the singer’s ...

  4. Feb 5, 2024 · Faith Healer: Alex Harvey Really Was Sensational Harvey’s was an improbable tale of dues-paying from the mid-1950s onwards, before he found belated stardom as the leader of the Sensational...

  5. Alex Harvey was a British journeyman rocker who enjoyed a brief period of widespread popularity in the mid-'70s after decades of struggle. Growing up in Scotland, he turned to music in his late teens and was in a skiffle band by 1955.

  6. Apr 18, 2020 · Sensational Alex Harvey Band. The glam rock band from Glasgow were fronted by Alex Harvey and known for their topical songwriting. Published on. April 18, 2020.

  7. Oct 5, 2022 · Raised in the tough, working-class neighborhood of Glasgow’s Kinning Park, Alex Harvey may have been an avowed pacifist, but he knew how to survive at street level. During his formative years ...

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