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  1. 1928 Alexander Fleming–discovers Penicillin. The mould had grown on a petri dish that was accidentally left out. Fleming writes articles about the properties of Penicillin, but was unable to properly develop the mould into a drug. 1932 Gerhardt Domagk discovers Prontosil (the second magic bullet). Slight problem is that it turns the patient red.

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  2. History Timelines of Events provide fast facts and information about famous events in history, such as those detailed in the History of Medicine Timeline, precipitated a significant change in World history. This major historical event is arranged in the History of Medicine timeline by chronological, or date order, providing

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  4. post-World War II period following Alexander Fleming’s breakthrough discovery of penicillin and the partnership between industry and government to produce this lifesaving drug on an industrial scale, new antibiotics were discovered and developed at a breathtaking pace. Such efforts led to dramatic advances in human health, as

  5. Apr 14, 2017 · Alexander Fleming’s Discovery A chance event in a London laboratory in 1928 changed the course of medicine. Alexander Fleming, a bacteriologist at St. Mary’s Hospital, had returned from a vacation when, while talking to a colleague, he noticed a zone around an invading fungus on an agar plate in which the bacteria did not grow.

  6. Alexander Fleming who accidentally obtained the antibiotic from a soil inhabiting fungus Penicillium notatum but its discovery was first reported in 1929 (Aminov, 2010), and clinical trials first conducted on humans in 1940 (Russell, 2004; Schlegel, 2003).

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  7. Overuse. As early as 1945, Sir Alexander Fleming raised the alarm regarding antibiotic overuse when he warned that the “public will demand [the drug and] … then will begin an era … of abuses.” 7, 14 The overuse of antibiotics clearly drives the evolution of resistance. 5, 9 Epidemiological studies have demonstrated a direct relationship between antibiotic consumption and the emergence ...

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