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  1. Timeline Description: Alexander Fleming is a Scottish biologist, botanist, and pharmacologist. He is responsible for discovering the enzyme Lysozyme and the antibiotic substance penicillin. He co-won the Nobel Prize in Medicine in 1945 based on his penicillin discovery.

    August 6, 1881
    Fleming is born. Alexander Fleming is ...
    Served in the military (1900-1914).
    Fleming enrolls in medical school. After ...
    Fleming graduates with distinction. After ...
  2. Alexander Fleming was born at Lochfield in Scotland on August 6th, 1881(Bio) ... Time to Report ... JoJo's Bizarre Adventure Complete Timeline by Amare H.

  3. Alexander Fleming was a Scottish physician-scientist who was recognised for discovering penicillin. The simple discovery and use of the antibiotic agent has saved millions of lives, and earned Fleming – together with Howard Florey and Ernst Chain, who devised methods for the large-scale isolation and production of penicillin – the 1945 ...

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    • 2015
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  5. Alexander Fleming was a great Scottish biologist and pharmacologist who made way for antibiotic medicines with his discovery of penicillin from the mould “Penicillium notatum”. Fleming’s discoveries brought new hope to mankind in battling certain diseases and treating bacterial infections. Fleming’s various works are recorded in his ...

    • August 6, 1881
    • British, Scottish
    • March 11, 1955
    • Dr. Amalia Koutsouri-Vourekas, Sarah
  6. Alexander Fleming was a Scottish biologist and pharmacologist who discovered enzyme lysozyme and antibiotic penicillin. This biography of Alexander Fleming profiles his childhood, life, research, discoveries, achievements and timeline.

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